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  • Martha Harmon Pardee and Joey Wishnia in' The Last Romance'

    Cherry Creek Theatre Company offers final show at Shaver-Ramsey Showroom

    Cherry Creek Theatre Company made a big name for itself in its location at the Shaver-Ramsey Showroom. There was always something magical about walking into the carpet showroom for a production. The thick, lovely carpets that covered the walls acted as a sort of landscape for letting your...
  • Vitaly: An Evening of Wonders

    World-class illusionist Vitaly performs at the Lakewood Cultural Center

    The Lakewood Cultural Center is always bringing some of the most fascinating and exciting variety performances from all over the world. One of the next upcoming shows that you’ll definitely want to check out is “Vitaly: An Evening of Wonders” and it features one of the best illusionists in the world...
  • The Evergreen Choral's 'My Fair Lady'

    The Evergreen Chorale presents 'My Fair Lady'

    In 1913 a little play by the name of “Pygmalion” was presented to the public for the first time. The play was written by George Bernard Shaw and it was named for a legendary Greek myth about a sculptor who fell in love with a statue that he had carved.  That original inspiration went on to become...
  • Lia Bonfilio in Off-Center's "Sweet & Lucky"

    Off-Center announces new partnership with Denver's A.C.E comedy troupe

    This summer, Denver audiences were amazed with Off-Center’s incredible production of “Sweet & Lucky.” It was a truly one-of-a-kind production that had the small audience wandering a huge warehouse as small scenes took place all around them. It’s the kind of forward-thinking, immersive...
  • 'Night of the Living Dead: LIVE!' at the Bug Theatre

    October means it's thriller time at your local theater

    October is officially here and that means its time for all the local theaters to trot out their spookiest and most terrifying plays. There is a lot going on for those that like a little spook with their theater, and just about all of them open the same weekend. Luckily, these are all running the...
  • Jeff Jesmer (John Proctor) seated, Lisa Kraai (Abigail Williams), Daniel Langhoff (Rev. John Hale)

    Firehouse Theater offers the Arthur Miller classic 'The Crucible'

    Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” is the partially fictionalized story of the witch trials that took place in Salem, Massachusetts in the late 1600s.  The play, which Miller wrote in 1953, won the Tony Award for Best Play and has become an American classic ever since its first performance on Broadway...
  • Leslie O'Carroll and Megan Van De Hey perform as a pair of female elders from The Book of Mormon

    The Denver Actors Fund presents 'Miscast 2016'

    It’s always fun to catch up with the events hosted by the Denver Actors Fund. This local non-profit is always hosting creative events to help raise money for a very worthy cause, and coming up its bringing one of the biggest and best back for another spectacular year. “Miscast 2016” is your chance...
  • Night of the Living Dead at The Bug Theatre

    Three October theater offerings for the whole family

    October is just around the corner, which means all the local theater companies are rounding up their spookiest and scariest annual Halloween treats. There are classics and adaptations as well as other terrifying tales to get you and your whole family in the right holiday spirit. Whether you’re...
The Legend of Sleepy HOllow

    Theater for young audiences: Four shows to see in Denver

    There is a lot of theater to catch in the Denver area. However, if you have younger children, it may seem a little tough to find the right shows to introduce them to the art of live performance. Luckily, there are several local theater companies offering child-friendly, age-appropriate shows for a...
  • The Glass Menagerie

    Timeless classics and new works at theaters this September

    With the fall theatre season officially in full swing, there are lots of fun shows to check out. Theaters all over the state are pulling out family-friendly fare, hit comedies, classic scripts and exciting premieres. Whether you’re a regular theater-going fan or someone checking it out for the first...
  • "The Money Shot" at the Avenue Theatre

    Four exciting shows to see this fall in Denver

    September is just around the corner, and so are a lot of new and exciting productions to check out. Fall is always a fun time in the local theater community, as the cooler weather seems to inspire some new creativity in all the theatrical hot spots in town. Grab a few friends and check out one (or...
  • Equinox Theatre Company's 2017 season

    Local theater companies announce 2017 seasons

    With the arrival of fall comes the season announcements for most local theater companies. There have been a lot of different shows announced for the upcoming year, and some exciting new productions are on the horizon. Whether you’re looking to become a season subscriber to one of these fabulous...
  • Stories on Stage: Dogs vs Cats

    'Stories on Stage' in Denver is ready to tell you a great story

    Do you remember story time? That magical hour from your childhood when you got whisked away to another world or a different time and place? When your storyteller would sit you down, do silly voices, and help transport you into the story itself? It was always a wonderful time, and is one of the...
  • The interior of the historic Elitch Theatre during renovation

    Four smaller-scale shows to check out this weekend in Denver

    If you’re familiar with the bigger-named theaters in town, you may be surprised to learn just how many other, lesser-known spaces and companies there are all over the Denver area. Theater-goers of all ages will love discovering these hidden gems, so take some time to check out all the amazing talent...
  • Alton Brown brings his 'Good Eats' to the Ellie Caulkins Opera House; second show added

    Alton Brown brings his 'Good Eats' to the Ellie Caulkins Opera House; second show added

    If you’re one of the many people missing new episodes of “Good Eats” on the Food Network, then you’re going to be happy about this one. The always entertaining, always brilliant Alton Brown is on tour and he’s headed to Denver for a quick stop at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The tour, titled...
  • Christine Fisk, used with permission

    'The Toxic Avenger Musical' premieres in Denver

    There aren’t a lot of films in the superhero/horror/comedy genre, and there are even less that have been made into a full-scale musical. However, Denver audiences will be able to finally see the off-Broadway smash hit, “The Toxic Avenger Musical” thanks to The Bug Theatre and Equinox Theatre Company...
  • 'Frankenstein' at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

    The Denver Center celebrates new season with Pokemon

    There is so much to see at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts this season. The recently announced 2016/2017 season is packed with fun titles, national touring productions, world premieres, and so much more. Plus, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts has just announced the on-sale date...
  • Three small musicals headed to local stages this August

    Three small musicals headed to local stages this August

    This August, there are several fun shows to look forward to at your local theater. Most of the time, however, musicals immediately bring to mind big casts, huge sets, and lots of big budget multi-million dollar extravaganzas. There are, thankfully, lots of other ways to enjoy a musical show. In fact...
Joe Von Bokern and Ben Hilzer in 'The Big Bang'

    Spotlight Theatre Company: Denver's little theatre making a big splash

    Denver’s Spotlight Theatre has been offering some great entertainment and live theater in the Denver area for more than 15 years. The unassuming company has been quietly rolling along for the past several years at the John Hand Theatre in Lowry. Currently, however, this company is offering not one...
  • By the Waters of Babylon

    The Edge Theatre in Denver announces its summer series

    The Edge Theatre in Lakewood continues to shine with two more exciting plays for its recently announced Summer Series. The series features two very different plays with powerful messages and several truly talented actors. If you’ve never seen a show at The Edge Theatre, either one of these works...

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