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  • Overlooking the magnificant EDC festival

    Best EDM Festivals: June 2016

    Summer is quickly approaching, and with that comes many exciting electronic dance festivals to enjoy indoors and outdoors. Now is the time to start planning to attend what may be one of the most memorable events in electronic dance music history. Here is a list of the best EDM festivals located...
  • Be sure to check out "The Science Behind Pixar," "Back in the Saddle," and Braves at Phillies among other activities.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 21

    Summer isn't the only thing that should be on your mind. Your plans for this Saturday should be at the center of attention. Fill out your schedule on May 21 by checking out the variety of arts, culture, and entertainment in Philadelphia. Most events should be suitable for all audiences. However, you...
  • Photo credits courtesy of Matt Cooper, used with permission.

    Interview with mentalist Matt Cooper

    Born and raised in Las Vegas, Matt Cooper made a career out of knowing what you’re thinking, since he’s a Mentalist who’s booked around the world for private events. Matt started developing his skills in Las Vegas, entertaining high-rollers at the Stirling Club. Later, his talents brought him to NYC...
  • You should come to Philly on May 20 to see "The Truth in Song," "Open Cactus," two Kimmel Center showcases, or Braves vs. Phillies.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Friday, May 20

    We've reached another Friday, meaning the weekend is near. Finish up your work and make plans for fun and excitement. Visit Philadelphia on May 20 to check out a variety of entertainment, culture, and art. Checking the concert front, the Kimmel Center at 8 p.m. has " The Philly Pops Presents Cirque...
  • You should visit Philly this Thursday because you can enjoy "On the Edge of Your Seat," "Dreamgirls," and "Non-COMMvention" among other even

    What to do in Philadelphia on Thursday, May 19

    The City of Brotherly Love is known for passion and excitement. It's also recognized for offering a variety of arts, culture, and entertainment. Come visit Philadelphia on Thursday May 19 to delve into your exploration curiosities. Make sure you don't stop learning, so think about checking out "On...
  • Caption

    The 5 best concert venues in New York

    Live music is everywhere in NYC, from huge arenas where you can see the biggest draws in rock and pop to smaller stages for up-and-comers and nostalgic favorites. Here are 5 standouts:
  • Learn something new, observe a play, watch the Phillies battle the Marlins, or enjoy a concert.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Wednesday, May 18

    The unofficial start of summer is here in less than two weeks. You're making plans to have fun and can't wait for those days to arrive. For now, consider exploring Philadelphia on Wednesday May 18 to enjoy a variety of exhibits, shows, sports, and music. You shouldn't stop learning, so swing by the...
  • Madame Mayhem

    'Now You Know': Madame Mayhem talks infectious new album, touring

    Every so often an album comes along that introduces the world to the next generation of hard rock royalty – and such is the case with Manhattan-born Madame Mayhem’s latest release, Now You Know. The new album is an infectious cacophony of hard rock & metal from one of the genres most dynamically...
  • This Tuesday should be entertaining in Philly, especially with the day's slate of events.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 17

    Many of you are counting down the days until Memorial Day. This holiday is usually referred as the unofficial opening of summer. Until then, be sure to check out the variety of arts, culture, and entertainment in Philadelphia on Tuesday May 17. On the stage, Sister Act hits Walnut Street Theatre's...
  • Be amazed by shows, sports, and concerts this Saturday.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 14

    Saturdays are great for stepping aside from the busy tasks to have a great time. These days should be savored, especially when temperatures are above 70 degrees in the Delaware Valley. Visit Philadelphia on May 14 to bask in glory while exploring a variety of arts and culture, Most programs are...
  • You'll be able to enjoy "The Secret Garden", "Lost Egypt", and Cage the Elephant among other events.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Thursday, May 12

    Don't focus all of your time on the tasks at hand. Find some time to explore arts, culture, and entertainment in the City of Brotherly Love. Visit Philadelphia on Thursday May 12 for a variety of exhibits, shows, and music. "Senior Show" at The Galleries at Moore College of Art & Design features...
  • Photo credits courtesy of Marcus Monroe, used with permission.

    Interview with juggler Marcus Monroe

    Marcus Monroe has been dubbed “the rock star of jugglers” by the New York Press thanks to his innovative combination of juggling and high-energy comedy. Marcus is the recipient of the prestigious Andy Kaufman Award and he has performed at dozens of colleges, universities and performing arts centers...
  • The City of Brotherly Love has "The Ballad of Trayvon Martin" along with other events.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Wednesday, May 11

    Many of you can't wait for the school year to conclude. You're excited to follow through with your summer plans. Until then, spend some time checking arts, culture, and entertainment in Philadelphia on Wednesday May 11. Children can have fun at the Please Touch Museum with "Curious George: Let's Get...
  • The Great Throwdini has won a Merlin Award.

    Interview with ‘The Great Throwdini’

    David R. Adamovich is the man better known as “The Great Throwdini,” an internationally acclaimed performer regarded as “The World's Fastest and Most Accurate Knife Thrower.” Under the guise of “The Great Throwdini,” David has proven himself worthy of standing amongst artist legends including...
  • Prince doing what he does best, performing live at Coachella in 2008.

    SKAM Artist remembers Prince

    Prince was an iconic superstar, as he was songwriter and singer, the man was a true entertainer. As a little bit of rock n' roll, soul, funk and even jazz, Prince was a composer and a multi-instrumentalist who mastered over 20 instruments by the time he was 30. He also laid out the tracks and...
  • Don't pass up the opportunities this Tuesday in Philly.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 10

    Get ready for a fun-filled Tuesday. That can be arranged if you visit Philadelphia on May 10. It's a great opportunity to explore a variety of arts, culture, and entertainment. Think about "Impossible Possibilities" at the Center for Architecture & Design because it examines six of the Bjarke...
  • Lehigh Valley Chorale

    Ed Milisits & Ian Murphy discuss inaugural season of The Lehigh Valley Chorale

    The Lehigh Valley Chorale is a diverse group of people united by a passion for singing and making music. A group of singers whose talent and personnel spans a wide range of ages, professions and singing backgrounds. Under the direction of Ed Milisits (who served as a music educator and director in...
  • Philly has a great slate of events for Mother's Day.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Sunday, May 8

    Looks like we're going to see some sun for the first time this month. It comes in time for you to celebrate Mother's Day. Make Sunday May 8 special by exploring a variety of arts, culture, and entertainment in Philadelphia. Great quality time can be spent by checking out "Threads of Tradition" at...
  • Events include Justin Bieber, "Three Photographers/Six Cities", and "The Stinky Cheese Man".

    What to do in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 7

    The sun should come out eventually in the Delaware Valley. So far, the fifth calendar month has seen dreary skies and rain each day. However, get in a bright and sunny mood by exploring Philadelphia on Saturday May 7 because you'll be fascinated by the arts, culture, and entertainment. Checking...
  • You'll have a blast on this first Friday with the slate of events.

    What to do in Philadelphia on Friday, May 6

    The weather hasn't been ideal during the past few days. However, get ready to have some fun on the first Friday of this month. There should be plenty of entertainment on May 6 in Philadelphia, so come on down. Most of the day's programs are suitable for all audiences. However, you must be at least...

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