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  • Interview: Getting to know Matoma ahead of his One In A Million Tour

    Interview: Getting to know Matoma ahead of his One In A Million Tour

    DJ and producer Matoma (Tom Lagergren) has only been big on the scene for a few years, but already he has left his mark. His remixes of hip-hop artists like The Notorious B.I.G. helped bring recognition to himself while breathing new life into classic songs, and his own tracks offer a refreshing...
  • Interview: getting to know Klangstof

    Interview: getting to know Klangstof

    The band Klangstof are quickly becoming the new buzz band, as their beautifully dark sound manages to broach the margins between indie rock, noise pop, and even, at times, electronica. Thus appealing to a diverse range of fans, Klangstof have crafted an atmospheric, enveloping sound that translates...
  • Firefly artist spotlight: Michael Blume

    Firefly artist spotlight: Michael Blume

    Singer, rapper, equality advocate. In a nutshell, that describes Michael Blume, but behind the very vocal exterior, Blume is a truly passionate individual who just wants to live his life and for his message to be heard. The multi-talented artist covers as many topics in his music as genres he draws...
  • Firefly artist spotlight: Foreign Air

    Firefly artist spotlight: Foreign Air

    Last weekend, electronic duo Foreign Air made their return to Firefly: the first time, they attended as fans, but now the band took the stage. Just shy of two years since the debut of their single "Free Animals," which went viral, the band is as tight as ever, and gave Firefly audiences two shows to...
  • Firefly artist spotlight: Rozes

    Firefly artist spotlight: Rozes

    On Sunday at Firefly, the incredibly talented singer Rozes took over the Backyard stage to present her EDM/pop fusion tunes to fans ready to dance the afternoon away. A Philadelphia native, Rozes was the perfect fit for the festival, which is practically in her backyard. While she was at Firefly...
  • Emily Korn

    Firefly's final day gives 5 unforgettable moments

    Long after a festival ends, and attendees have forgotten the things like standing in line and all of the trudging along until their feet are sore, it is the special moments that only a festival can spawn which are cherished forever. The final day of Firefly brought a series of these perfect moments...
  • Thirty Seconds to Mars have been teasing new music recently, and should have a new album out sometime in 2017. 

    Thirty Seconds To Mars tease new music with promo video

    Rock trio Thirty Seconds To Mars appear to be gearing up for what should be another big album cycle. The band made up of brothers Jared and Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević have been back on the road since late May, and even performed at Firefly Music Festival over the weekend. It was a quick teaser...
  • Emily Korn

    5 best moments from Saturday at Firefly

    Saturday at Firefly had the lineup with the biggest names in a row: powerhouses Bob Dylan, Kesha, The Weeknd and Chance the Rapper provided a solid set of music for the entire evening. While Dylan's set may not have appealed to the audience targeted by the latter three, he offered a pleasant...
  • Emily Korn

    Twenty One Pilots, Weezer and more light up Friday at Firefly

    A stormy morning turned into bright skies and seasonably hot weather at The Woodlands, sending fans running for shade to catch Firefly's top artists. Friday's lineup was such a great compilation of the newest artists on the radio today, and the artists you've been listening to long enough to feel...
  • Emily Korn

    5 best moments of Firefly 2017 opening day

    Thursday at a four-day music festival: the interesting conundrum of coming early to catch some excellent first-day performances, versus taking that extra day off work. For those who made it happen, Firefly's 2017 lineup did not disappoint on Thursday, offering some very special moments for fans who...
  • Bonnaroo artist spotlight: Mondo Cozmo

    Bonnaroo artist spotlight: Mondo Cozmo

    If you've attended a U.S. music festival this year, chances are, you've heard Mondo Cozmo's heartwarmingly wholesome songs. One of the hardest working artists this year, Mondo Cozmo has hit the ground running before even releasing his first record under the moniker. The artist has been getting his...
  • Bonnaroo Artist Spotlight: Goody Grace

    Bonnaroo Artist Spotlight: Goody Grace

    One of the delights of Bonnaroo, or festivals in general, is the amount of talented young artists that fans can discover during the festival. Bonnaroo’s Who Stage is just the place for these performances, and this year one of the coolest new acts to take the stage was the young Goody Grace. Hailing...

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