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  • Pennywise tThe Clown

    Top 10 Horror Movies of the 90's

    There's nothing quite like the dedicated cult-following of horror movies. Coming off of the iconic run of successful 80’s slashers, the 90's were regarded by many as lack-luster. While the 90’s weren’t nearly as fresh or successful as the previous two decades in producing great scares, they did re...
  • 'Dial M' concludes smash run at Tacoma Little Theater

    'Dial M' concludes smash run at Tacoma Little Theater

    Some stories grow stale after a telling or two. Others have legs that give the story life for a few years. Once in a while a story comes along that stands the test of time. Such is the case with "Dial M for Murder." The Tacoma Little Theater has a smash-hit run with the suspense classic. The run...
  • "Life of Pi," "Smashed" and "Rise of the Guardians"

    ‘Pi’ pleases, ‘Guardians’ gets by and ‘Smashed’ sways on DVD

    Among the movies that became available Tuesday, March 12 on Blu-ray and DVD at retail stores and rental outlets throughout the Valley are an adventure about a young man and his tiger, an animated flick about fantasy figures from early childhood and a drama about a bond built on a mutual love of...
  • Movie review:  Light-hearted 'Hitchcock' reveals little about the legendary man

    Movie review: Light-hearted 'Hitchcock' reveals little about the legendary man

    Continuing the recent trend, Hitchcock is a biography that focuses on a key period of time in the subject's life, as opposed to giving us the story from the beginning. Alfred Hitchcock is one of - if not the most - famous directors of all-time, known also as the "Master of Suspense." As this movie...
  • Anthony Hopkins brings Hitchcock to psychotic life

    Anthony Hopkins brings Hitchcock to psychotic life

    Rarely do they make many biographies about people that hold any real significance in cinema, instead opting for historical figures. With Hitchcock they tackle not only a biography of a legend in cinema, but the making of the iconic slasher flick Psycho as well. With an amazing cast of Anthony...
  • PDC

    Review: 'Hitchcock' is a devilishly fun look at the making of a classic

    Hitchcock is hardly the first film to ever explore the rather neurotic personality and eccentric creative process of Alfred Hitchcock. In fact, there's another movie in HBO's The Girl that explores much the same territory in a way that filmmaker as a creepy old letch lusting who simultaneously lusts...
  • First 'Hitchcock' trailer with Anthony Hopkins as the legendary director

    First 'Hitchcock' trailer with Anthony Hopkins as the legendary director

    "I'm just a man hiding in the corner with a camera....watching." Last year we saw Michell Williams give an incredible, Oscar-worthy performance in My Week with Marilyn, which was set against the backdrop of her making of The Prince and the Showgirl. The film itself didn't amount to much, but Fox...
  • AFI Fest Publicity

    Anthony Hopkins plays director Alfred Hitchcock in new biopic

    Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins stars as Alfred Hitchcock with Helen Mirren as his wife, Alma Reville, Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, Jessica Biel as Vera Miles and James D’Arcy as Anthony Perkins in the new biopic "Hitchcock" making its world premiere on Thursday, November 1st, as the...
  • Official Poster

    FOX Searchlight debuts Hitchcock poster

    FOX Searchlight Pictures delivers the all-new film Hitchcock based on the book Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho by Stephen Rebello. Hitchcock follows Hitchcock played by Anthony Hopkins during the filming of his iconic horror film Psycho alongside his wife Alma Reville played by Helen...

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