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  • Multi-octave singer-songwriter Katherine Farnham, aka "Kool Kat," dresses up for multi-genre life lesson and pep talk in one sleeper of an a

    Katherine Farnham’s ‘Vintage’ serves tonic for embattled souls

    Katherine Farnham is a singer with many sides, all of them worth getting to know, especially in her March 1, 2016 album, Vintage. Just when you think she’s a gum-chewing, finger-snapping 1920s throwback, cute, sassy, and zany in “Zip, Cad, Zowee,” she turns around and shows you her trembling votive...
  • Classically trained, modern jazz pianist and composer, Yelena Eckemoff, does it again with Blooming Tall Phlox, a two-disk album for all the

    Yelena Eckemoff’s ‘Blooming Tall Phlox’ replays childhood memories

    In a way, Yelena Eckemoff has spent her entire life breathing “in the happiness” of her childhood. Originally from the poem, “Scented candles and sparkling wine,” accompanying her latest album, this sentiment emboldens the Russian pianist and composer’s original works of art — of which there are...
  • The Nashville-based, first-call session musician breaks away from the pack with this marvel of a jazz-rock guitar album.

    Nashville session player blossoms as jazz fusion star in ‘Reminiscence’

    The sound unleashed on Tyler Reese’s jazz fusion guitar album, “Reminiscence,” is out of this world, sharp, crackling, slamming music. The Nov. 4, 2016 release features 10 spritely instrumentals, plus a bonus track of the radio version of the hit, “Moving On.” Much of the brightness comes from the...
  • Lisa Hilton returns to playing solo piano, her first love, and playing mostly her own material on the new album, Day & Night — out since Dec

    Lisa Hilton returns to solo piano on ‘Day & Night’

    “Day & Night echoes my commitment to discover and savor everyday moments: to see the beauty in a day from the first glow of sunrise to the dimming sky at sunset, and to acknowledge and share these rich times with others,” Lisa Hilton expressed in the opening page of her album’s liner notes. With...
  • Arizona-based working jazz bassist, Felix B. Sainz Jr. indulges in 13 of his favorite love songs, done to an easy listening jazz style.

    From demo to debut: Felix Sainz vocalizes love of standards

    Phoenix native Felix B. Sainz Jr. shares surprising parts of himself on 13 of his favorite romantic standards in The Nearness Of You, his debut album released in 2014. Originally meant as a working demo back in 2011, Sainz wound up with his first full-length album performing tunes in English...
  • Beth Lederman’s ‘Las Sombras’ filled with lovely surprises

    Beth Lederman’s ‘Las Sombras’ filled with lovely surprises

    In Arizona, pianist Beth Lederman stands alone. She’s basically the only game in a town where jazz is both welcome and sorely needed. She’s on every major gig worth talking about, making accessible, lovely music for a wide variety of venues, times, and audiences. On her latest, 2013 release, Las...
  • The Romanian busker-turned-budding-international-artist released a very ambitious album honoring the great American jazz artists who inspire

    Bebop pied piper Damian Draghici inserts his ‘American Dream’

    Why would anyone in his right mind hate Damian Draghici’s new American Dream? The Romanian pan flutist has had his share of slings and arrows, especially when opening up the definitions of jazz in the narrow confines of so-called experts’ entrenched minds. For those entrenched masses, a pan flute...

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