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  • Best songs about March

    Best songs about March

    As the saying goes, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb." Not only is it the month in which winter ends and spring starts, but it is also packed full of holidays and celebratory occasions. In turn, it is ripe for having music playing at all times of the day. If you don’t quite know what...
  • Best songs about May

    Best songs about May

    The month of May is notable for Cinco de Mayo, Earth Day, National Teachers Day and family celebrations on Mother’s Day. It is a month that culminates the transition from spring to the first day of summer. There are a number of unique songs that celebrate  May in all of its splendor. Here are 11 of...
  • Best songs about April

    Best songs about April

    April is a month in spring that is celebrated for the enjoyment of more daylight hours. It also denotes a special time of the year symbolic of new beginnings. From the blossoming of flowers to Spring break, there are many attributes to the month of April that people look forward to experience. There...
  • Best songs about February

    Best songs about February

    January typically gets all the praise as the time to set new goals and focus on self-improvement, but a lot of pressure falls on February to ensure we are living up to those goals and meeting our own expectations. It's easy to chalk-up the shortest month of the year as the time for Valentine's Day...
  • Top 11 best songs about October

    Top 11 best songs about October

    October. The month revolving around pumpkin spice when the goth folks are the in-thing, and Halloween looms eerily on the horizon. For those not quite ready to put on a soundtrack of exclusively Marilyn Manson just yet, there are other fall moods that the songs will bring to the table. Whether you...
  • Top 11 best songs about Winter

    Top 11 best songs about Winter

    Forget songs about summer. That's too easy. What about those cold winter months? As summer comes to an end, and fall bleeds into winter, it's time to take a look at the best songs that will keep us warm through the chilly months of November, December, January, and February—and maybe even March...
  • Top 11 best songs about July

    Top 11 best songs about July

    Happy July - when we celebrate our nation's birthday and freedom, and for many, take a trip out to the nearest body of water or light up the grill. Whether you will be road tripping or just kicking back at a party this year, no month calls for a perfect playlist more so than July. The following 1...
  • Top 11 best songs about August

    Top 11 best songs about August

    Oh, August. The month when summer is winding to a bitter end, the college kids are packing it all away, and the sunsets never linger long enough. It's no wonder so many bands have written some of their best songs about our eighth month, a time filled with so many emotions. The following is a roundup...
  • Top 11 best songs about Summer

    Top 11 best songs about Summer

    As the days warm into summer, our clothes get shorter and the days get longer. So, too, changes our musical proclivities. The songs about summer are often lighter, more fun, and reminiscent of days long past. The following 11 songs are some of the best written about the summer season, across genre...
  • 5 best songs about September

    5 best songs about September

    The fall season of the year is a popular subject when it comes to familiar songs that make their way to hit records. Songs with the theme or title of September are plentiful when it comes to lyrical storylines by some of the music industry’s most prolific artists. These songs cover multiple genres...
  • Best songs about Fall

    Best songs about Fall

    As Summer ends, thoughts turn to Autumn and everything the cooler season brings. Fall has always been a fertile ground for songwriters with its symbolism of change, bountiful harvest, and its beautiful colors inspiring songs both wistful and hopeful. These ten songs about Fall all treat the season...

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