Tattoo Masquerade 2017 spotlight: Tattoo artists and healers

Come for the tattoos, stay for everything else.

When the second annual Tattoo Masquerade® takes over the Colorado Convention Center from June 2-4, most attendees will come to get a new piece from one of the nearly 100 tattoo artists from all across the state and country who will be in attendance (to browse the full list of artists and book a session, click here). Yet that’s just the beginning of this wholly unique event. As a celebration of the entire culture around tattooing, Tattoo Masquerade® will also include everything from live art exhibitions to family-friendly entertainment to a host of local vendors.

“It’s something that Colorado has never seen,” says Willy Smith of D.T.C. Tattoo, one of the many shops that will be in attendance. “We’ve had tons of conventions here and it’s just such a different animal. It’s a celebration of all arts.”

That includes the healing arts, which will be a significant component to this year’s show.

“All art, all creativity, comes from the same source,” says Ananda Glick of Root Essensuals, who will be bringing her crystal bed and other products to the Convention Center. “It comes from the same energy that creates healing. So I’m creating in a subtle field that isn’t necessarily visible right away.”

In the video above, Smith and Mika Lohrenz of D.T.C. Tattoo break down what to expect at this year’s event and share stories about the craziest tattoos they’ve been asked to do. And below, watch Glick explain the science behind her crystal bed and discuss some of the other unique items she will be bringing to Tattoo Masquerade®.

Single-day, two-day and three-day passes are still available, click here to get yours. And for more on the event, visit the official Tattoo Masquerade® website.