TAUK brings outer space to you on 'Shapeshifter I: Construct'

Sometimes you see a band's genre listed as "unclassifiable." This is a win for the band as it means that it is making music that is interesting enough to defy classification. On the new EP Shapeshifter I: Construct, TAUK shows that it fits really easily into the unclassifiable category.

The album begins with "Square," and trying to categorize this song is no easy task. The intro is funky and spacy. Then comes a part that is reminiscent of "Freeway Jam" by Jeff Beck - especially in the guitar. After that, you hear a couple saxophones come in as well as a synthesizer sound that is straight out of the late 70s. Through it all, the bass line keeps the song moving and the listener grooving. So much goes on in this song that it's hard to keep track of all of it, which is pretty impressive considering it is only 3:51.

From there the band moves into a dub sound with "Premises." This song is bookended by the dub sound at the beginning and end, but there is also a real progressive sound in the middle. The guitarist takes the spotlight in the middle of the song, showing off some chops that would be difficult to duplicate.

By the time you get to the third song "Laughing Out Loud," don't be surprised if you've given up on trying to slot this band into any genre. A better question for this song is, "How do these guys pack so many notes into so little time?" 

No matter how much is going on in a given song (and there is a considerable amount to hear), the bass line steadily propels the song with a groove like you might expect from Bootsy Collins. The thing is, you may not know how to explain this album to your friends. There's nothing wrong with that. Just tell them to give it a listen and then quote what a wise fella once said, "Free your mind, and your a-- will follow." And if your friends really need a category for this album, give them this: intergalactic progressive funk rock. Shapeshifter I: Construct was released on April 6 and is available everywhere now.