Thalía & Lali play Barbies in 'Lindo Pero Bruto' music video
Thalia / YouTube

Mexican superstar Thalía premiered the music video for "Lindo Pero Bruto" on Jan. 29. Argentinean pop star Lali features in the colorful clip.

"Lindo Pero Bruto" (Pretty But Stupid) is the third single from Thalía's Valiente album. Previously, she released "No Me Acuerdo" with Natti Natasha and "Lento" with Gente de Zona. Thalía teams up with Lali on "Lindo." An alt-pop sound and cumbia groove back the ladies as they describe their dimwitted lovers who only shine in the bedroom. "You look more beautiful when you shut up," Thalía and Lali sing together in Spanish. Their playful, girl-powered bop is like a Latin update of Julie Brown's "I Like 'Em Big And Stupid."

In the music video for "Lindo Pero Bruto," Thalía and Lali play as Barbies with their Kens that they brought to life "Weird Science" style. The ladies rock vibrant looks while trying to get their literal dummies to function properly. Air-headed hilarity ensues. The song is now available on iTunes and Apple Music alongside Thalía's Valiente album.