Chance helped bring SoundCloud projects to the Grammys

Chance helped bring SoundCloud projects to the Grammys

Chance The Rapper/Instagram

Thanks to efforts by Chance The Rapper, projects released on Soundcloud will now be eligible for the 2018 Grammy Awards. The Chicago MC came to prominence through his mixtapes like 10 Days and Acid Rap released on SoundCloud and has been a stellar example for young, up and coming artists on how to get their music heard. Chance helped to pass this groundbreaking Grammy rule change through a petition begun last year. The Rapper broke the news in a tweet. You can check it out below.

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Chance is nominated for a total of seven Grammy this year. Three alone, including Best Rap Album, for his outstanding record Coloring Book. Coloring Book was the first-ever streaming only album to be nominated for a Grammy. As This Song Is Sick pointed out, this is an amazing step for the Grammy Awards—who at times have been criticized for being antiquated—as they are adapting to the rapid change taking place in the music industry. It also evens the playing field a bit for smaller bands and artists. Thanks Chance.

Chance The Rapper will be headlining some big festivals this summer including Bonnaroo, Governor's Ball, and Boston Calling.