The 10 best Janelle Monae songs

Janelle Monae is a artist who stumbled into the spotlight after her talents were discovered by Big Boi (of Outcast) and much later, Sean "Diddy" Combs, who signed her to his record label, Bad Boy Records.

The Kansas native has come a long way, with many hit singles, ambassadorship for brands, such as: Cover Girl and many elite musical collaborations which promotes her unique aesthetic and image - as both a talented, female musician and role model in the industry.

View below our top ten songs from Janelle Monae.

10. Tight Rope

The hit pop single featuring Big Boi (1/2 of Outkast's) which ignited Monae's music career.

9. Electric Lady

This track featuring Solange Knowles, a upbeat, critically acclaimed anthem, as well, title of album released in 2013 consisting of rock, pop, gospel, R&B and other genres.

8. We Were Rock & Roll

Janelle Monae's heavily influenced rock track via The ELectric Lady.

7. Dorthy Dandrige Eyes

A song obviously inspired and a tribute to the icon Dorthy Dandrige featuring Esperanza Spalding. This single has been compared to the vibes one who hear from the late Michael Jackson.

6. Can't Live Without Your Love

A traditional love song by Monae, also from her album which consists of deep expression of one's emotions when in true love. The chorus: "I can't live without your love and affection, I can't face another night on my own, I'd give up my pride to save me from being alone, Cause I can't live without your love..."

5. Givin Em What They Love

A timeless yet edgy track featuring the one and only, Prince.

4. What Is Love

This upbeat, festive single recorded specially for feature film, Rio 2.

3. Primetime

This single featuring vocals backed by Miguel is about Monae's constant message she wishes to promote - her talent is based off her talent, not her image (or sexuality), told in a format of a love story.

2. Cold War

This single viaThe ArchAndroid which speaks on loneliness and Monae's own insecurities about being a African-American woman in the world and other pressures.

1. Q.U.E.E.N (feat. Erykah Badu)

This track via "The Electric Lady" featuring Erykah Badu, a single that promotes femininity and was both Badu and Monae created to start conversations.