The 10 greatest basketball songs of all time

March Madness brings out fans of basketball that may never watch the sport until that time and many will gather around televisions to see who will move on in the brackets. If you are preparing to gather friends around to compare brackets and celebrate the fun of March Madness then creating a playlist of music for the party is essential. There are plenty of fun songs that are directly about basketball or will get you energized for the games. Here are ten of the greatest basketball songs to listen to while enjoying March Madness.

10. "(I Know I Got) Skillz" - Shaquille O'Neal

So what does Shaq do once he retires from basketball, move into becoming a singer and he drops some rhymes in this song. O'Neal shows that he is more than just a basketball player and explores other entertainment options for his career with his rap album.

9. "Michael Jordan" - Kendrick Lamar featuring School Boy Q (Warning: expletive lyrics)

A song named after one of the best basketball players of all-time, although the song barely is about the player himself. A look of how most kids wanted to be like Mike when Jordan was the lead player in the NBA.

8. "Basketball" - Kurtis Blow

This rap tune is the literal form of a song that shows the love for basketball ever recorded: "I like slam dunks, take me to the hoop, my favorite play is the alley-oop, I like the pick-and-roll, I like the give-and-go, cause it’s basketball". The song was later remade by Lil Bow Wow for his movie, "Like Mike".

7. "Battle Scars" - Lupe Fiasco

The song is often used in compilation videos of great basketball moves on the court. Overcoming competitors in your sport and becoming one of the best players on the best teams bring glory to each player. The players love this sport and the song reflects the battle scars each gets in the game when defeated.

6. "Basketball Jones" - Cheech and Chong

In the fun look at the addiction of basketball, this comedic duo uses the slang reference of "Jones" as a craving or addiction. The song was released as a single in August 1973 and was also an animated short film. The song has been featured in the "Space Jam" animated film, in the television series "The Simpsons" and in commercials for "House of Payne".

5. "Space Jam" - Quad City DJ’s

From the animated movie about a basketball game in outer space. Granted this is Michael Jordan playing basketball with the Looney Tune characters, but the whole movie is focused on the basketball game.

4. "Winner" - Jamie Foxx featuring Justin Timberlake and T.I

Memories of the 2010 NBA finals may arise while listening to this song and the memories of Kobe Bryant during his legendary season. Lyrics indicating sports and basketball include "Just look at me soarin' / Feeling like Jordan ... I know they want me to fall / But ain't nothin' bigger than this / So just pass me the ball". Another perfect additional to a playlist prepping for March Madness.

3. "Roundball Rock" - NBA on NBC Theme

The ultimate basketball theme for a network and the song gets any viewer pumped up and ready for the game. NBC no longer has rights to air NBA games but there is no better way to get ready for March Madness hoops that cranking this tune up on your playlist.

2. "Jam" - Michael Jackson

The King of Pop brings this hard funk and pop tune from his Dangerous album. Originally this song was not linked to basketball, the video takes Jackson to the court playing hoops with Michael Jordan. The popularity of the video and song brought the use of it for highlight reels and use by the NBA in promotional ads.

1. "Sweet Georgia Brown" - Brother Bones And His Shadows

This song has been associated with basketball ever since the Harlem Globetrotters began performing to it. Watching the team spin the ball, perform tricks and shoot hoops is the perfect fit to any basketball themed playlist to prepare you for March Madness.

So grab your bracket, crank up some tunes, take it to the hoop and get ready to enjoy March Madness.