The 5 best Anthony Hamilton songs
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Born Jan. 28, 1971, Anthony Cornelius Hamilton is an R&B singer-songwriter and producer from Charlotte, North Carolina. Anthony has often been compared to singers such as Bill Withers, Bobby Womack and Stevie Wonder, and his dulcet vocals make every song unique, flavorful and enjoyable to listen to. Here is a guide of a few Anthony Hamilton songs.

1. "Can't Let Go"

"Can't Let Go" was released October 17, 2005 off the album Ain't Nobody Worryin'. In this single Anthony expresses that no matter what he and his lover might going through, he will not let go of their relationship. This soulful slow-tempo single was written by Anthony Hamilton and produced by Mark Baton.

2. "Best of Me"

"Best of Me" was released on the album Back to Love. This mid-tempo song has a great vibe that flows just right with its lyrics. This song talks about giving the best of oneself to the person whose company the singer finds so enjoyable.

3. "Charlene"

"Charlene" was released August 3, 2003 on the album Comin' from Where I'm From. This song was written by Anthony Hamilton and Mark Batson. "Charlene" was nominated for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance at the 2005 Grammy Awards.

4. "The Point of It All"

"The Point of It All" was released from the album The Point Of It All. This flavorful slow-tempo single has Anthony expressing he cannot stay away from this person, and the reason being is that he is in love. This single was produced by James "Big Jim"Wright and the Avila Brothers.

5. "Comin' from Where I'm From"

"Coming from Where I'm From" was released from the album of the same name. This single was nominated for Best R&B Song and Bet Traditional R&B Vocal Performance at the 2004 Grammy Award.

Here is a guide to a few of Anthony Hamilton's best songs. Did your favorite song make this list?