The Adventure Zone announces live podcast event at Orpheum Theater in 2019
YouTube/The McElroy Family

Back in the day, if people would have thought of what a podcast based off of the highly-popular game Dungeons & Dragons would be, it probably would have taken the form of The Adventure Zone.

Hosted by the McElroy brothers of Justin, Travis, and Griffin, along with their father Clint McElroy, created the biweekly podcast in 2014, and have nurtured and watched it grow into one of the more sought after podcasts on the internet. For those who have heard of that name before, that is because the McElroy’s are the stars of the also widely popular My Brother, My Brother, and Me, their flagship podcast.

In fact, the idea of The Adventure Zone was born after an episode on that podcast with the same title. On the episode, brothers were playing Dungeons & Dragons with their dad, and it became one of their more popular episodes. The brothers then teamed up with Maximum Fun network to create the new Adventure Zone show, and just like their home program, the new podcast has become just as big.

In Feb. 9, 2019, The Adventure Zone will host a live show in New Orleans at the Orpheum Theater, and this show will sell out quickly. So click here for tickets to see one of the best podcast shows ever to grace the internet.