The Barr Brothers bringing North American 2019 tour to The Sinclair
The Barr Brothers/YouTube

The Barr Brothers are bringing their unique folk-pop sound to the Boston area this spring. The "You Would Have To Lose Your Mind" duo is coming to The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Friday, March 29 and fans can get tickets here at AXS.

The concert is part of their 2019 North American tour, and comes during a period of change for The Barr Brothers, as harpist Sarah Pagé left the group in January after almost a decade. While she pursues other music projects, Andrew Barr and Brad Barr are continuing to tour with a rotating cast of other musicians and their latest album, 2017's Queens of the Breakers. You can watch the duo perform their classic song "Lord I Just Can't Keep From Cryin" by playing the video above.

Though the group was formed in Canada, it has an American connection as Andrew and Brad Barr were born in the United States. The duo moved to Montreal in 2005 and have now spent almost a decade and a half experimenting with a wide variety of musical sounds. While their general sound is folk-based, their music is both acoustic and electric, and has elements of blues and pop as well. They're a veritable musical buffet, and this concert is music fans' chance to open their ears to this intriguing mix.

The Barr Brothers may be all over the place musically, but when it comes to their live performances, they're focused and well worth seeing. Their past live performances demonstrate how they can fill an intimate venue with their sound, and how they show off their excellent musicianship. In an age where many concerts can be overwhelmed by their own production, The Barr Brothers are delivering music at its simplest and most intimate, allowing listeners to focus on their clever lyrics and how great they are on their instruments. See them at The Sinclair and enjoy an evening of live music at its best.

Tickets for The Barr Brothers at The Sinclair on sale now through the AXS event page. Ticket prices and more information are available on the event page. For more information on the band's complete 2019 tour, visit their official website.

For more on The Barr Brothers, visit their artist page at AXS.