The best PAW Patrol songs
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Children everywhere squeal in delight when they watch Ryder and his beloved band of PAW Patrol pups tackle new adventures in person at a PAW Patrol Live! show. Marshall, Chase, Skye, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma and Everest spring to life and must work with Ryder and each other to save the day.

Based on the beloved Nickelodeon animated TV series which premiered in 2013, PAW Patrol Live! gives families everywhere the opportunity to revel in childhood magic and share an unforgettable evening of stories and songs. There’s nothing better than seeing a child light up with glee as their charismatic canine heroes lead them on an exciting and eventful live journey. Grab tickets from AXS to one of PAW Patrol Live’s upcoming Great Pirate Adventure shows, which includes a stop at Bellco Theatre in Denver, Colorado on Dec. 29.  

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To help prepare you for a night of nonstop fun, we’ve put together a list of the best Paw Patrol songs below.

5. “The Pirate Boogie”

Kids and parents alike are encouraged to sing and dance throughout a “PAW Patrol Live!” show, which creates a fun and memorable experience. “The Pirate Boogie” is sung in the show’s finale medley and Ryder and the pups urge everyone to get on their feet and “do the Pirate Boogie!” It’s super fun and easy to sing and kids love to bounce out their energy as they mimic the heroic pups’ moves on the stage.

4. “It’s Pirate Day in Adventure Bay”

This fun song is sung right after the intro theme and sets the audience up for the adventure that lays ahead. The pups are on a mission and must travel by land and sea to find hidden treasure for Mayor Goodway’s celebration, hopefully before Mayor Humdinger gets his hands on it. The cast invites the kids to “join our merry crew” in the catchy jig. Kids will love channeling their inner pirates by shouting “Yoho! Yoho! Hurray! Hurray!” in the hook.

3. “Long John Larry”

The PAW Patrol learns a little bit more about who they’re up against in this fun song that describes a pirate named “Long John Larry.” It’s filled with comical lyrics such as “The pirate Long John Larry, was plenty rough and hairy” and “he only loved two things in life: he loved his golden treasure and his long john underwear.” The song is a giggly good addition to the production’s engaging setlist with long johns-bearing dancers and more.

2. “Pirate Parrot Song”

Every legendary pirate has a phrase-repeating parrot and there’s a cute song about the pirate parrot in the show. The cast leads the audience through a fun, hand-raising sequence in which they demonstrate how a parrot “talk talks” and “squawk squawks” – Ahoy Matey!

1. “Paw Patrol Theme Song”

Parents of preschoolers probably have the “PAW Patrol” theme song etched in their brains. It’s catchy, as all cartoon themes should be, and it opens the musical set for a “PAW Patrol Live!” show with a vibrant, electric energy that sets the tone for a fun, adventurous show to follow. As per the TV series, each “PAW Patrol” member bounds out and introduces themselves to their captive audience. The energy between the cast and the audience as the show kicks off is delightful! Watch a "PAW Patrol Live" teaser clip featuring the beloved theme song above.