The Chills release two new songs and announce September album 'Snow Bound'
Keboy / YouTube

New Zealand rock band The Chills has a brand-new album coming in September and they just released the first two new songs from the LP. The album is titled Snow Bound and will be out on Sept. 14 and the two new songs are "Complex" and "Lord of All I Survey."

Snow Bound is just the seventh album for The Chills despite the fact that they originally formed over 30 years ago. Their studio first album was the 1987 LP Brave Worlds although their first official debut was on an EP titled Dunedin Double in 1982.

The Chills hit No. 1 on the New Zealand charts in 1990 with Submarine Bells, which was also the album that got them attention in the United States. That album included the single "Heavenly Pop Hit," which peaked at 17th on the U.S. Alternative charts. The Chills broke up shortly after that before reforming in 1995.

Snow Bound is just the fourth studio release since their reformation, although it is also their second studio album since 2015. Silver Bullets peaked at 12th on the New Zealand charts. The band also released a non-album single in 2017 when they covered David Bowie's "Conversation Piece."

The Chills' fans in North America might just have to be satisfied with the album when it hits in September. At the moment, their only tour dates are in New Zealand in September and October.