The Crystal Method, Pentakill, Alan Walker and more deliver epic performances during League of Legends Live: A Concert Experience
League of Legends — YouTube

China is playing host to this year's League of Legends 2017 World Championship and are pulling out all the stops in celebration of the global phenomenon that is "League of Legends." This will be the country's sixth time hosting the annual championships, with last year's competition taking over the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

This year's finals will see the same teams from 2016's finals — SK telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy — face off at the Bird's Nest, Nov. 4 (midnight Nov. 3 or early morning Nov. 4 in North America). However, the festivities have already begun in China. On the eve of finals, a special musical performance took place which brought the inspirational and spellbinding music of the franchise to life.

The event took the audience on an hour and a half long journey through the musical masterpieces of League's sizable catalogue. Throughout the performance, various clips, graphics, and music videos played on background screens while the musical ensemble was cascaded in mystical lights and beams, adding to the magical nature of the evening.

The event was hosted by Chinese singer and actor Bai Xu-Xu and Belgian television presenter and esports player Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere. The ensemble consisted of members for The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra and Kalavinka Symphony Orchestra with various special guests from various genres taking the stage to help bring the tunes and stories behind the game to life.

Vocalist TJ Brown delivering a moving performance of "Amumu: Curse of the Sad Mummy," while the animated music video played in the background. Los Angeles DJ's Alex Seaver of Mako and Scotty Kirkland of The Crystal Method took over the stage for a tribute to League champion DJ Sona, with special renditions of songs from the 2016 League of Legends album "Warsongs."

The tempo was then flipped on it's head when heavy metal group Pentakill took over the stage in all their riff-shredding glory for tracks "Blade of the Ruined King," "Tear of the Goddess" "Lightbringer" and "Mortal Reminder."

Alan Walker also took to the stage to pay tribute to the various musical tracks that have accompanied Worlds each year of, starting with 2016 track "Ignite," 2014's "Warriors" and 2015's "Worlds Collide." Walker closed out his time with a performance of his own League song "Faded."

The night was filled with many fabulous duos, remixes and renditions of the game's various tunes. Check out the entire performance in the video above and be sure to stream the 2017 League of Legends World Championships on Twitch or YouTube.