The Cure working on new music as part of 40th anniversary

It's incredible to realize, but The Cure has been around for 40 years now as the English rock group finalized its formative lineup and moniker in May 1978. The band is holding a 40th-anniversary concert on July 7 at Hyde Park in London, and the members are working on new music for the occasion, as well.

In addition, The Cure plans to perform on the final day of the Meltdown Festival in June, also in London. Lead singer Robert Smith will curate the events of the festival, too. The last time the band recorded and released music was four years ago for a Paul McCartney tribute.

The Cure, with Smith at the helm for the entire existence of the band, has released 13 studio albums, five live albums and 11 compilation albums during its very successful run all around the world. Its third studio album, 1981's Faith, went to No. 1 in New Zealand, and its 1992 LP release, Wish, reached No. 1 in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

In the United States, the band's top-charting album was Wish, which went to No. 2 in America. Many of The Cure's 37 single releases also charted well in the U.S.: While none of them ever reached mainstream No. 1 status, 1989's "Lovesong" did peak in the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Four other singles reached the top of the U.S. Alternative charts: "Fascination Street", "Never Enough", "High", and "Friday I'm in Love."

The band rose to American prominence in the mid-1980s upon the back of a compilation LP release, Standing on a Beach (a.k.a, Staring at the Sea in various formats). It was released on VHS as well, increasing its popularity in the early era of MTV's cultural influence. The LP release on cassette, album and compact disc went double platinum in the United States, and The Cure's fate was changed forever.

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