The Dull Blue Lights premiere new track, 'Press Play'
The Dull Blue Lights

Formerly known as The Snails, The Dull Blue Lights have a sound that is soul with a bit of psychedelic pop and reggae thrown in. The band calls their sound "basement soul" but admit they would rather not be boxed in.  

The band is gearing up for their debut album, due to be released July 13. It was during the writing and recording of this album that the band changed names. It's a bit of band evolution. The new album features all-analog recordings, and was tracked live in five consecutive 12-hour long sessions at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, Tennessee. The album was produced by Andrja Tokic, and features a variety of genres, including rockabilly, soul, reggae and garage. 

"Press Play" is the band's second single to premiere from their upcoming album. Drummer Josh Parry relates exclusively to AXS that "to us, "Press Play" is partly a condemnation of a life of routine, but mostly a celebration of spontaneity. We think that's represented not only in the lyrics, but in the spontaneous feel and eager groove of the tune as well. We had all kinds of fun recording this one, especially what our producer Andrija called the "party percussion" section, when we all gathered around a mic with a mix of tambourines, shakers, bongos, and cowbells between us. We've eased the tempo a bit since this recording, but it's still a blast to play this one live." 

Listen to the band's unique sound in the streaming box featured with this article.