The Fifth Annual Taste of Buswick bringing Brooklyn's finest foods to Brooklyn Steel
YouTibe/Claudine DeSola

Brooklyn is a foodie paradise, filled with cuisine from every inch of the planet.

From upscale restaurants to neighborhood joints, Brooklyn is, arguably, the soul of New York City’s world-famous foodie culture, so, whenever a food festival comes around and Brooklyn is on center stage, it’s not an event people think about attending, it’s a must attend.

That sentiment fits the bill for the Taste of Bushwick, which is produced by The Bushwick Starr and is aimed at celebrating everything there is to love about Brooklyn, from the food to its people. The event, now in its fifth year, will bring in the restaurants most responsible for making New York’s most famous borough the of the foodie universe.

Along with its famed restaurant scene being showcased to the world, Brooklyn’s revitalized bar scene will also get the star treatment, with the borough’s most beloved bars showing off their craft and innovative drinks to all those in attendance.

There is just something special about the Taste of Bushwick. Is it the food? It very well could be. Or, how about the drinks? That could be it, too. What makes the Taste of Brunswick so special, though, is its ability to bring together the wonderful, diverse population that has long made Brooklyn the best borough in New York City.

Arguably, anyway.

So, for foodie fans in the New York area, make sure to grab those tickets to the Fifth Annual Taste of Bushwick, happening on June 12 at the Brooklyn Steel (319 Frost St., Brooklyn, NY 11222).