The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne is prepping ‘Human Blood Spin-Art’ for Christmas
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It’s the season of giving, and what better way to offer the gift of life than with donations of human blood? The old saying apparently qualifies in the holiday season for The Flaming Lips’ wildly fun singer, Wayne Coyne, who is working on his own blood-focused art portraits for Christmas this year.

According to Coyne’s Instagram account, the veteran psychedelic rocker has been working on what he calls “Human Blood Spin-Art Portraitsm” made out of real human blood, which he plans on selling as holiday gifts at a Wicked Hippie pop-up shop in his native Oklahoma City this Saturday. Coyne hasn’t really offered a clear look at what the art looks like in full, or exactly which subjects he or any other artists are using as inspiration for the portraits. In a series of blood art-themed Instagram posts earlier this week, Wayne tagged a handful of fellow musicians in the caption, including Dr. Dog, Reggie Watts, Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel, Tegan and Sara, Kesha and Mick Jagger to name a few. This could mean he’ll have his own limited run of portraits of said famous musicians for fans to purchase for their loved ones this Christmas. How lovely.

“Blood is such an amazing liquid.. it is sooo unique.. it's at once runny and then, immediately gets thick and sticky..” Coyne said in one of the Instagram posts shared on Thursday night. “To stand over a painting with this much fresh, human blood on's kind of intoxicating.. it seems to make everyone involved slightly aggressive and a little bit giddy... aggressively giddy.. ha.. such a cool way to do someone's portrait :: with their OWN blood.. it's them .. it's actually made OF them.”

The use of “their OWN blood” to go with a different image of individual blood-filled containers could lead fans to believe that Coyne has somehow coaxed his famous musician friends to lend him their blood to use instead of paint. It wouldn't be the farthest theory for anyone who has followed The Flaming Lips' career over the past few decades. As Pitchfork points out, Coyne made a poster using his own blood back in 2010, and also used the red bodily fluids of the band’s collaborators mixed in with the limited edition vinyl pressing of their 2012 Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends LP.

The art may be a little much for some folks, but in Wayne’s world, it’s just another excuse to have some bloody fun!

.. Human Blood Spin-Art Portrait... yay!!!!! #theflaminglips #flaminglips

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