Lynn Yew Evers prepares to play her upcoming concert.

Lynn Yew Evers prepares to play her upcoming concert.

Photo courtesy of Lynn Yew Evers

Blending sounds while guiding the audience through the experience of music encompassing visual, audio and emotion is the show “The Gathering.” Grammy Award-winning guitarist Will Ackerman and award-winning pianist, composer and recording artist Lynn Yew Evers will perform in the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on Oct. 28.

Also featured in the concert will be Vin Downes (guitarist, composer and recording artist), Trevor Gordon Hall (guitarist), Jill Haley (oboist and English horn) and Eugene Friesen (cellist and composer). Special guest award-winning musician Jordan Buetow, member of the group Erwilian, will also perform.

Ackerman is a guitarist and the founder of Windham Hill Records. Although he has not recorded his own work recently, his guitar music is still tied to the uniqueness of the Windham Hill sound. In 2005, his CD Returning won a Grammy Award. The Sound of Wind-Driven Rain and Hearing Voices were also nominated for a Grammy Award.  Since selling Windham Hill Records, Ackerman’s principal work has been as a producer and he considers one of his legacy to be the artists he has discovered and produced including Evers.

“Lynn has the heart of a romantic and the hands of an artist, a very powerful combination,” he told “Her music is like taking a walk through the most beautiful garden you've ever imagined with compositions of profound emotion and grace.”

Born and raised in Ipoh, Malaysia, she grew up in one of the largest cities in Malaysia known for its history, tropical climate and magnificent limestone caves and temples. In this the beauty of a tropical oasis, Evers developed a deep connection to nature, which also nurtured her inspiration and intention behind her music. Her talent surfaced at the age of 4 when given a toy piano. Evers started playing it and loved the sound it created. “I told my mom I wanted to learn to play piano like the ones I saw on television,” she told “My mother explained pianos are a luxury item as well as lessons and the family couldn’t afford it.” But gifted with a perfect ear and intuitive understanding of music, her mother found an old piano and a teacher willing to train Evers. She began performing at age 6, then started composing and improvising by age 9 and worked as a piano coach at age 15.

Classically trained with influences of Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, she obtained a degree from Trinity College of Music in London. Evers then started to perform in Europe and Asia before moving to the United States in 2009.

Ackerman produced Evers’ latest album Elysian (Prelude to Paradise) which took over two years to complete. However, it is Evers’ personal story told in music beginning 15 years ago embracing pain and heartache to finding peace and love again. Although Evers music combines several genres including classical, New Age and instrumentals; her greatest inspiration is her relationship with God and nature.

The upcoming performance will be the second time Evers has performed in Carnegie Hall. “The acoustics are the best I have ever heard or played in my entire career. I am so honored to be performing there again.”

Buetow (instrumentalist) performed on two tracks with Evers on her latest CD. He will be playing a recorder, which is a woodwind musical instrument with a whistle mouthpiece. According to Buetow, there are many recorders with different tonality ranges and he will be playing the alto recorder and possibly the soprano recorder.

“As a musician, it is very rewarding to collaborate with someone like Lynn who has the level of artistry and expression she brings to the table. She has a meticulous attention to detail in her arrangements which I appreciate,” he explained. She sent Buetow a handwritten musical manuscript detailing the arrangement, which was a big gesture on her part and really emphasized her vision.

Hall is rated one of the top guitarists in the world under the age of 30 by “Acoustic Guitar” magazine. Haley has added melodic lines to many instrumentalists' recordings and released four recordings of her own. Friesen is active internationally as a cellist, composer, teacher and recording artist. He has performed with Grammy Award-winning Paul Winter Consort and Tri-Globo as a soloist and clinician. As for the other musicians, according to Ackerman, Downes plays a wide range of styles.

 "The Gathering,” to be performed in the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on Oct. 28 will delight the audience with an igniting experience of music that isn't just heard, but felt. For tickets, contact the Carnegie Hall Box office at or by calling 212-247-7800.