The ‘Get Out ’soundtrack is getting a special physical release on vinyl
Blumhouse Productions/YouTube

Jordan Peele’s cinematic thriller “Get Out” was all the rage amongst film fans and critics following its release in the winter of 2017. The film featured Allison Williams of “Girls,” and Bradley Whitford from “The West Wing,” in addition to introducing American audiences to British actor Daniel Kaluuya. It also took home a handful of award nominations ranging from The Academy Awards to the Independent Spirit Awards. Now it appears that the film’s soundtrack will be getting its first physical release on vinyl, which is due out this Friday (June 15) on Waxwork Records.

As The Fader reports, the film was scored by American composer Michael Abels, who has worked on a handful of different live performance art projects throughout his career. The soundtrack’s release on vinyl will come as a double album, with a total of 43 tracks. Fans can purchase a colored version of the LP, which has been selected to come in “Garden Party” marble green wax, in accordance to one of the film’s more notable scenes which can be watched in full above. The release is also set to include an essay written by Peele on in collaboration with Abels on the film.

“African-American music tends to have, at the very least, a glimmer of hope to it—sometimes full-fledged hope,” Jordan Peele said about the film’s score in a 2017 interview with GQ. “I wanted Michael Abels, who did the score, to create something that felt like it lived in this absence of hope but still had [black roots]. And I said to him, ‘You have to avoid voodoo sounds, too.’”

Fans can check out the album’s front/back artwork below, in addition to hearing some of the film’s eerie score in the scene above.