'The Heat' by Mangoo: further proof that rock lives

Some people say rock is dead. Those are probably the same people that haven't sought out anything new since Led Zeppelin broke up. Whatever you do, don't believe those cynical folks. The Heat - the new album by Finnish band Mangoo - is further proof that rock and roll will never die.

You can pick any song as a good example that rock isn't dead, but "Tiembla" is a particularly good example. The guitar and the tempo in this song are enough to "knock you out of your full lotus" to quote Kinky Friedman. If you're someone who geeks out on lightning-fast guitar, you are going to love this song. It's true that you may not understand any of the lyrics, but you don't need to. All you need to do is crank the volume and rock out for five minutes. 

Whether or not you're a fan of Black Sabbath, you can't deny that the band has had a tremendous influence on rock. You can hear that influence pretty clearly in "Monolith". The vocals are pretty similar to Ozzy's trademark sound and the guitar might make you want to put on your sleeveless Black Sabbath shirt and play some air guitar.

You'll find something very unexpected at the end of the album: a cover of "Party All the Time" by Eddie Murphy. That's right. A Finnish rock band covered Eddie Murphy. Needless to say, it is quite different than the original. This features some heavy guitar riffs as well as a rhythm that will have you pumping your fist. If you never guessed this song could rock, you're probably not alone, but that's the magic of Mangoo.

This album is filled with heavy and fuzzy guitar riffs and rhythms that get your fist pumping like you're seeing your favorite band in an arena. This is one of those albums that you should play as loud as you can stand it without caring how the neighbors might respond. The Heat (Small Stone Records) will be available everywhere on Dec. 8.