The Kinks supposedly reuniting for first album in 25 years according to Ray Davies
Channel 4 News/YouTube

"I love to live so pleasantly/Live this life of luxury/Lazing on a sunny afternoon in the summertime.”

The lyrics to The Kinks’ 1966 seasonal anthem could not be more applicable at any other time of the year than right now. With summer now underway and warm musical vibes filling the inviting air, fans can now enjoy the classic rock band’s music the with the potential of the British Invasion group reuniting for the first time since 1996. According to a new interview with the band’s co-founding member Sir Ray Davies, that reunion may be close to becoming a reality thanks to some inspiration from The Rolling Stones.

Davies, who co-founded the band with his brother Dave Davies in London circa 1964, recently sat down for an on-camera interview (see above) where he discussed their legacy and plans going forward, which apparently include their first studio album since 1993’s Phobia. The interview with Davies goes on to reveal that the Rolling Stones’ current U.K. and European tour has inspired him and his bandmates, who haven’t always gotten along with each other, to apparently work on some new material, as it’s now “kind of an appropriate time to do it.”

When asked if the band will officially be getting back together, Davies wisely and cheekily answers, “Officially we are yes, in the pub later on. It won’t be well organized either.” He was also asked specifically which members of the band would be getting back together, Davies responded with a laugh in saying “Those who are still alive.”

Of the four founding members of the band between the two Davies brothers, bassist Pete Quaife and Mick Avory, only three of them remain alive with Quaife passing away back in 2010. Jim Rodford came on as the band’s bassist in 1978 and remained as part of the group until 1996, but died earlier this year at the age of 76. Spin points out that this is not the first time that the Davies brothers have hinted at a reunion, but no real concert or album has ever come out of it. Perhaps with a generation’s worth of groundbreaking artists now starting to head into the sunset in one way or another, the famous classic rock band will put sibling egos aside for some late-in-life magic on a sunny afternoon.