The National announce new album on the way
The National / YouTube

Fans of The National got some great news today when the announcement came that the band has completed their next album. Worlds End Management & Music made the announcement when they revealed that their client, producer Peter Katis, finished mixing the new album in February.

Katis is a veteran producer when it comes to working with The National. He produced seven of their past albums, including their last release in 2017, Sleep Well Beast. That was the band's highest ranking album in the United States, hitting the number two spot on the Billboard 200. 

It also featured the band's only number one hit single in "The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness." The album ended up winning the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.

The new album will be the eighth to date for The National. Fans who attended concerts recently got a taste of what they can expect as the band has been teasing new songs by performing them live. 

The National is currently booked for some big upcoming shows titled A Special Evening with The National. One of these shows is coming to The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on April 26. Tickets for this show go on sale on March 2 through AXS (Tickets).