The Nixons bringing Reunion Tour to Dallas
JotaGrunge / YouTube

15 years ago, alternative rock band The Nixons broke up after finally reaching success. The band has now announced that they are reuniting for a new tour in 2017 and will play a show in Dallas at Trees. The concert takes place on June 24 and tickets are on sale now through AXS.

Most of the country only knows of the Nixons through their three biggest hits from their debut album, Foma. The biggest hits for the band included “Sister,” “Happy Song” and “Passion.” However, fans in Dallas got to know The Nixons long before that. The Nixons were an Oklahoma indie band who toured through Dallas consistently through the early ‘90s.

Once they hit it big with Foma, things began to fall apart. After the success of the first album, bassist Ricky Brooks left the band. After struggling with success on their self-titled follow-up, The Nixons released one more album in 2000 called Latest Thing but both guitarist Jesse Davis and drummer John Humphrey left the band.

Earlier this year, The Nixons announced a reunion of the original line-up and played in Oklahoma City and in the DFW area with a concert in Frisco at the Edgefest Festival. Up next for The Nixons in Dallas is the concert at Trees. Tickets are available through AXS (tickets) and run $25.