The Parasite Syndicate to release debut album in February
The Parasite Syndicate Official YouTube

New year and a new metal band that's going to grab 2017 by the horns and not let go. Having only been together for about a year, The Parasite Syndicate, fresh out of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in the U.K. combined has very quickly put together a package metal music fans are going to love. 

After vocalist Rich Donohoe left his former band, DirE, the five-piece metal unit was first calling themselves Diris but then decided on the name The Parasite Syndicate and felt it better represented their collective style and content of music. The wheels simply kept turning and very quickly their self-titled, debut album took form. And the end result, which will officially hit the atmosphere on Feb. 24, is a fierce assemblage of eight tunes that are both melodic and cutting, raw yet well-crafted, and simply a solid compilation of satisfying and hard-hitting metal songs. 

"We have influences of Nu, industrial, death and melodic metal in our music," explained Donohoe of The Parasite Syndicate's sound in a press release, "Our songs represent conspiracy theory, alternative history, the supernatural, collectivism, space, time, abuse and love."

Their debut single "Red Sky" was released last November followed by a second single for the song "Breath You In" the following month giving metalheads a hint of what's to come.