The Sinclair hosting "Music of' series for kids; featuring Beatles, Stones, Marley & more

One of the most crucial aspects of a child's social and mental development is their exposure to different cultures and music beginning at the earliest stages of their lives. The more a child is exposed to a wide array of musical and cultural options, the more likely they'll attain a blossoming social life and be able to comprehend different concepts and ideologies. Fortunately, a collective called The Rock and Roll Playhouse has developed a concert series for both children and parents to inspire creativity and enjoy the musical offerings of some of rock and roll's most legendary acts.  

The Rock and Roll Playhouse is a weekly touring concert series that exposes children to kid-friendly versions of music icons like Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, Michael Jackson, and more. During a concert, the volume of the music is limited for the sensitivity of the children's ears that are present and is not only educational for the youth but allows parents to vibe out to some of their favorite rock and roll icons with the entire family. 

The Rock and Roll Playhouse will have a series of different concerts focused on one particular legendary artist at a time at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA beginning in February and ending in June of this year. Check out all of the Rock and Roll Playhouse tour dates below:

Feb. 10    —    The Music of The Rolling Stones for Kids    (Tickets)
Mar. 10    —    The Music of Bob Marley for Kids    (Tickets)
Apr. 28    —    The Music of Michael Jackson for Kids    (Tickets)
May. 12    —    The Music of The Beatles for Kids    (Tickets)
Jun. 16    —    The Music of Grateful Dead for Kids    (Tickets)

The Rock and Roll Playhouse can be any child's introduction to their lifelong connectivity to live music and the start to the expansion of their musical knowledge as well as memories they'll cherish forever. With that said, get your tickets to the kid-friendly concert series in the links provided above and stick with AXS for all of your ticketing needs.