The Soft Underground share new single 'Rachel' from upcoming LP
Used with permission by Working Brilliantly

NationalRock duo The Soft Underground are gearing up to release their new album next month and have released their new single, “Rachel” as a preview. The duo premiered the song over at New Noise Magazine where they provided a bit more background to the song’s origins:

“‘Rachel’ was written around the same time as we were making our first album. That’s probably why it sounds closer to our last album than any of the other songs. Lyrically, it’s just a laundry list of complaints about everything from technology to the fake-ness of Hollywood actors.”

Listen to the song below.

The Soft Underground’s upcoming second album, Morning World, drops July 27. Check out the tracklisting below. The band formed in New York City back in 2010 by Andrew McCarty (drummer) and Charlie Hickey (guitarist). After bonding over their love of bands like My Bloody Valentine and The Smashing Pumpkins, the two played many gigs together and began creating music. They spent time recording songs in New Jersey and Tennessee. Finally, their debut album, Lost in Translation, released in 2015. The record and the single “Limousine,” earned praise from outlets like The Big Takeover, Music Street Journal, and Alt Nation.

Morning World tracklist:

1.  Rachel (4:14)
2.  Vagabond (3:52)
3.  Time Goes Bye (3:51)
4.  Ghosts (4:18)
5.  Among Angels (3:57)
6.  Sullen Eyes (4:46)
7.  June (4:44)
8.  Glasgow (5:16)
9.  Watersong (5:11)
10. X (1:47)
11. Addi (6:03)