The top 10 best Anthony Hamilton songs

Anthony Hamilton is one of R&B’s most gifted singers. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Hamilton has produced some big hits over a career that has spanned over 20 years. Though Hamilton hasn’t stormed the charts as he once did, he is still making incredible music to this very day, and if you’re new to his work, here are 10 of Anthony Hamilton’s best tracks that should be in your playlist.

10. “I’ll Wait (To Fall In Love)”

Sitting back and listening to “’I’ll Wait (To Fall In Love)” is like drinking a smooth glass of Crown Royal after a long day at the job. The melody is just so harmonious, and Hamilton’s voice brings you a sense of peace that few other R&B singers can bring.

9. “Nobody Else”

Hamilton wasn’t just a ballad singer. He proved over his career that he could bring mid-tempo songs to the forefront as well, such as “Nobody Else,” which has just enough bounce to make a room get up and dance, but still be cloaked in the Hamilton vibe of making smooth R&B.

8. “Sista Big Bones”

It was nice hearing Hamilton send out some love to the women who don’t have supermodel bodies. “Sista Big Bones” is an inspiring song that allows Hamilton to preach the message that you don’t have to be size zero to be attractive, and it was a great single that sadly didn’t see much chart action.

7. “Po’ Folks”

“Po’ Folks” is not an Anthony Hamilton song. It was a hit single by Kentucky rap group Nappy Roots, but the reason why it’s on this list is because this was the first time anybody had heard Hamilton’s voice on a record. Hamilton’s chorus really uplifted the track, and it is still a single you can rock your head to in 2016.

6. “Struggle No More (The Main Event)”

Sometimes you just get sick and tired of struggling. Hamilton took this awe to feeling among the underprivileged and turned it into the soulful “Struggle No More (The Main Event” for the Daddy’s Little Girls soundtrack. Hamilton really channels the struggles of daily life for those who are just trying to make ends meet, and that is why this song is such a powerful one in Hamilton’s cache of great singles.

5. “Comin’ from Where I’m From”

There’s just this old-school vibe that you get when you sit down and listen to “Comin’ From Where I’m From.” The ‘70s soul vibe to the proceedings, coupled with the powerful but smooth lyrics, really punctuated Hamilton as the “everyman R&B singer,” one who can easily identify with its audience.

4. “Can’t Let Go”

Anthony Hamilton was clearly one of the leaders of the neo-soul movement of the ‘2000s. If you don’t believe that Hamilton could get down with other neo-soul singers such as Jeremiah and Ne-Yo, you need to listen to “Can’t Let Go.” After the song is over, you will be quick to add Hamilton as one of neo-soul’s best singers.

3. “Woo”

“Woo” is simply one of Hamilton’s best head-noders. You can’t help but get that feeling when you listen to the lush mid-tempo beat that goes smoothly with Hamilton’s calm lyrics. It’s a single that will have you feeling all warm inside after you listen to it, and when a song makes you feel that way, you know you have a classic on your hands.

2. “Pray For Me”

Very rarely in this day in age of R&B does a song speaks volumes loudly without even raising their voice. “Pray For Me” was one of those songs, as the track will hit you deep in the feels with the soft melody and Hamilton’s inspired lyrics.

1. “Freedom”

Only Hamilton could produce a sterling song from one of film’s most controversial movies. “Freedom,” from the Django Unchained soundtrack, is a wonderful blend of hope amid the tyranny of oppression. Hamilton really brings home the point of people needing to be “free,” and in turn, “Freedom” was one of the soundtrack’s best cuts.

Hamilton is not done serenading to the masses. In fact, on Feb.24, he will perform a set for the President of the United State and the First Lady at the White House. It is safe to say that Anthony Hamilton isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.