The top 10 best Busta Rhymes songs

Busta Rhymes is a force in the hip-hop world that you just can’t ignore. Beginning his career in 1989, he was given the name “Busta Rhymes” by Chuck D of Public Enemy, and the rapper (b. Trevor George Smith Jr.) has since gone on to promote his crazy style of internal and half rhyming to the top of the charts. As we continue to countdown the Top 10 songs of all time by music’s biggest artists, here are Busta Rhyme’s to 10 songs of all-time. Enter the madness at your own risk.

10. “One

Busta Rhymes has such a distinctive voice in the hip-hop world. It was that voice that allowed him to create a track like “One,” which would have been mundane by any other artist but was made special by the only hip-hop artist that could elevate this track to legendary status.

9. “Get Out!!

The beat behind “Get Out!!” was what many will remember from this track. The beat kind of overshadowed the lyrics, which shouldn’t be ignored because the flow is made of pure brilliance.

8. “As I Come Back

By 2001, Busta Rhymes’ was hitting his commercial stride, and it seemed like nobody could stop him. He made some timely hits during this era, but some that were awesome but was sort of overlooked, like “As I Come Back,” which deserved to be a bigger hit due to the sheer energy of the track.

7. “Pass the Courvoisier, Part II

There was a “Pass the Courvoisier part one, but it had nothing on the second installment of the track, which took it into the Billboard atmosphere and for great reason. It’s smooth and full of energy at the same time. Oh, and the video is also a classic.

6. “It’s a Party

You could listen to this track all day long. But it will especially be great while you’re getting ready to head to a party, which is what this track is all about. You would think that “It’s a Party” would be high energy, but Busta used a lighter tone to bring in the same effectiveness, which was pure genius.

5. “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See

Heading into the top five of Busta Rhymes’ list, there was no way that it would be a valid one if “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” wasn’t here. It was such a classic in 1997 and no radio station passed up the opportunity to spin this track.

4. “Arab Money

Sometimes we all need a little of that “Arab Money,” and Busta Rhymes was getting gobs of it in this 2009 single. Yes, “Arab Money” sat Rhymes regress somewhat to the bragging that dominates southern rap, but then again, his brand of rap was kind of dated by this time, and to his credit, he made a track that became one of his best.

3. “I Know What You Want

This was such a smooth track. The first time you hear it you be amazed that Busta Rhymes was behind this track. He did such a great job with “I Know What You Want,” and it’s easily one of his best.

2. “Make It Clap

2002 was a banner year for Busta Rhymes. While he knew what women wanted, he also wanted everyone to “Make it Clap.” This single was one of the largest of the year, and one that should be on hip-hop fans playlists.

1. “Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check

As great as the previous nine singles are in Busta Rhymes’ legendary catalog, “Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check” will forever be the best track Busta has ever made, and it was both the energy and his lyrics that sets this track apart.

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