The top 10 best Creed songs

The band Creed has graced the music world with countless hits over the course of their career. Starting in the 1990s and carrying on into the 2000s, Creed’s hits have stood the test of time. A combination of hard hitting meaningful lyrics coupled with Scott Stapp’s unique voice, Creed’s music is a force to be reckoned with. With each Creed song more powerful and moving than the next, it is hard to compile a list of just ten of their greatest tracks. While difficult to decide, if we can only choose ten songs, this list is an excellent comprehensive overview for any Creed fan or music lover in general. So in no particular order, here are the top ten Creed songs to date:

10. "My Sacrifice"

With possibly some of the greatest Creed lyrics of all time, “My Sacrifice” had to make the top ten. Who doesn’t sing along every time this song comes on the radio? With lyrics like, “When you are with me, I’m free. I’m careless, I believe” this song has obviously earned its place in rock history.

9. "Bullets"

While almost not included on this list, “Bullets” actually does have a lot of merit that qualifies it as one of the best Creed songs. If you’re looking for a really heavy song that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the standard Creed sound, then “Bullets” is for you. “Bullets” is just a great hardcore rock song, therefore it definitely needs to be included on the top ten.

8. "Higher"

The song that solidified Creed’s place as rock icons, “Higher”, is great in every way. This song is one of those classic Creed tracks that will always be played on rock radio. “Higher” was an instant classic and will surely be remembered for years to come.

7. "Rain"

While a relatively new Creed song, “Rain” definitely still holds true to their classic sound. “Rain” features the same familiar uplifting feel and lyrics as so many other Creed songs that came before it. “Rain” is just an all around great song that makes you feel better regardless of your situation. Looking for a pick-me-up? Listen to “Rain”.

6. "What If"

This Creed song has arguably one of the coolest music videos of them all. “What If” was used in the movie “Scream 3” and the video features the band’s encounters with the infamous Ghostface character from the film. With rock music and horror movies combined, what more do you need?

5. "My Own Prison"

Possibly one of Creed’s darkest songs, “My Own Prison” really strikes a chord with listeners. This track is relatable for anyone facing big struggles in their lives. A symbolic and beautiful song, “My Own Prison” will likely leave you with a heavy heart.

4. "What’s This Life For?"

At some point in time, chances are you have asked the question “What’s This Life For”? This is what is so amazing about the band Creed. They have an uncanny ability to be able to tap into basic human fears and emotions. That’s why this song was such a hit and so resonant. Everyone at some point in time has doubts and uncertainties.

3. "One"

“One” is a classic, yet often underrated Creed song. It’s got the great iconic sound of Scott Stapp’s voice and also amazing lyrics to follow. It’s a wonder why this song isn’t often listed as one of the top Creed songs.

2. "With Arms Wide Open"

This song is possibly one of the most heartfelt testaments of the love of a parent for his child. “With Arms Wide Open” is a beautifully raw song about becoming a father and welcoming a baby into the world.

1. "One Last Breath"

With one of the most distinct and easily recognized openings of any Creed song, “One Last Breath” is just amazing from start to finish. Chances are you’ve heard this hit on the radio many times, and with good reason. This song deserves fame and attention, and luckily it still receives radio play to this day.