The top 10 best Kacey Musgraves songs

She may not have won Nashville Star but she has changed the face of country music for females. Kacey Musgraves has been honest and truthful in her songwriting, similar to Loretta Lynn, by pushing the boundaries of topics in the genre. She has written hit singles for other artists, including Miranda Lambert, Gretchen Wilson and the ABC show "Nashville". She has followed in the footsteps of her female country singers and stepped away with awards and critical acclaim. Here are the top ten songs from Kacey Musgraves collection of music.

10. "Nothing More"

Early in her career Musgraves released independent albums and had some great sounding traditional country tunes that she wrote. This wonderful tune is found on Musgraves self-titled 2007 album that she would sell during her concert performances in the Texas area.

9. "Mama's Broken Heart"

A huge hit for Miranda Lambert, Musgraves penned the tune with Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally. The song takes the look at the difficult time the narrator is having in a break-up and thinking of what her mother would tall her. She also notes that this is not her mama's broken heart and she is coping the best way she can.

8. "Get Outta My Yard"

Recorded by Gretchen Wilson and written by Musgraves, this song looks at kicking someone out of your life at the end of the relationship. The lyrics tell the other person to forget where the narrator lives, forgetting what they did and telling him to go back to his wife.

7. "Are You Sure"

Musgraves sings with country legend Willie Nelson in this traditional old sounding country single. Musgraves sounds like a younger Patsy Cline with the breaks and cracks in her vocal delivery in the song. The single sounds straight out of the old time smokey honky-tonks and it is perfection.

6. "Merry Go 'Round"

The pessimistic observation of life in a small town with a play on words merry, Mary and marry. This song takes on the view of one woman looking at her family and the patterns they are in with their lives. From the mother hooked on Mary Kay, the brother on Mary Jane and the father on the woman named Mary two door down. She also looks at any of the local couples that tend to get married out of boredom or obligation in the town.

5. "Five Finger Discount"

Written about a personal experience while Musgraves was playing around Texas during the summer music festivals season. Musgraves reflects on the other girl singer that stole a bunch of Musgraves including one of her red dresses and never returned it to Musgraves.

4. "Silver Lining"

Looking at all the things that could go wrong and trying to find a silver lining. The song reminds the listener that people have to go through difficult times to find that silver lining because when things are going well they are not looking for that lining.

3. "Biscuits"

The fun play on words in the song about a warning to keep out of other people's business. The song was the first single off her second studio album, Pageant Material. The song looks at rumors and gossip people may spread about others in the town instead of taking care of their own business.

2. "Follow Your Arrow"

This single from Musgraves debut album Same Trailer Different Park encourages people to remain true to oneself. The song raised some controversy due to the controversial lyrics regarding same sex relationships and drug use. Written by Musgraves, Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, the song went on to win the Song Of The Year at the 2014 CMA Awards.

1. "Blowin' Smoke"

A fabulous song for those that feel stuck in a job waiting on tables in a local diner. The narrator dreams big and looks at the co-workers she is with and how each fool themselves into happiness with their lives. From the waitress heading out to Vegas or the one planning to lose the weight from the birth of her child that is now graduating college. Each of the women want to change their life for the better, but all of their aspirations are only "blowin' smoke".

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