The top 10 best Meghan Trainor songs

Meghan Trainor spent years writing hits for other artists. Now she's a star in her own right. Sassy and charismatic, she's become one of the biggest names in pop. As Trainor readies her upcoming album Thank You, it's time to look back on the songs that turned her into a superstar. Here are the top ten songs that represent the best of Meghan Trainor:

10. "Title"

Only someone like Trainor could call a song "Title" and get away with it. She finds a way to spin that within the lyrics of the song, too. It's a laugh out loud number, particularly when she starts issuing invitations. "Title" is not her most inventive release but it does show that there are two things she can be counted on to do. One of them is delivering upbeat pop and the other is being hilarious while doing it.

9. "My Selfish Heart"

There's a really great beat to this song, one that's different from some of Trainor's other songs. Particularly the drums make this song stand out from every other single about being unable to let someone go. Trainor seems really relaxed in this performance. She also gets to flex her rap muscles a little bit, too, and that's an interesting talent she doesn't overuse. The repetitive chorus might get on your nerves after a bit, but that's a small price to pay to enjoy the other fun elements of this song.

8. "What If I"

Trainor's most straightforward love song is a lovely number. It successfully brings back reminders of classic soul. That's not just in her music, but in her vocal delivery as well. You could have put this one in a jukebox 50 years ago and it would have fit in perfectly. Is it as catchy as some of her bigger hits? No, but that's not the point - the point is she's captured something classic here and made it cool again.

7. "3 AM"

Don't confuse this with Matchbox Twenty's song of the same name, although they do tread vaguely similar ground. Trainor's song is also about being lonely in the middle of the night. Except hers then goes into texting someone she shouldn't after a night of drinking. Her pop sensibilities make these ill-advised choices somehow still sound happy, and the song still feels like a good time. It's as if there's nothing she could sing that wouldn't leave a smile on your face.

6. "Close Your Eyes"

Considering all the songs Trainor has performed about being done wrong or being perceived wrongly, "Close Your Eyes" is a pleasant difference. It's all about focusing on inner beauty. It really doesn't need the robot-sounding background vocals but that's the song's only major flaw. This is her laid-back, groovy pep talk set to music. She lets the words sink in with the slower music, and that helps it have a lasting effect.

5. "Better When I'm Dancin'"

Given her popularity, it was no surprise that Trainor was approached to do movie music. "Better When I'm Dancin'" comes from "The Peanuts Movie" and features the characters in her music video. It earns its spot in the top five for an almost calypso-esque sound that separates it from some of her bigger hits. It also seems a little bit throttled back, which is a nice change of pace. She's very good at big numbers, but songs like this prove she doesn't always have to take everything up a notch.

4. "Dear Future Husband"

Trainor's streak of poppy tunes continued with "Dear Future Husband." The single went double Platinum for sales, though it didn't crack the top ten of the charts. Still, her sassy to-do list for a potential spouse had its appeal just for its high energy level and another tongue-in-cheek approach. If you're a fan of this song, you might be interested to know it got better when she stripped it down. Check out a different version from "The Voice."

3. "Like I'm Gonna Lose You"

It was lovely to hear Trainor switch gears with this slower, more soulful love song. She and John Legend make a perfect pair in this duet, and should work together again. More importantly this single helped show that Trainor is capable of singing more than just upbeat pop anthems. It allowed audiences to hear the softer side of her voice and how equally special that is. She should consider more songs like this on her next record.

2. "Lips Are Movin'"

This song is pretty much the most charming way to call someone a liar. "Lips Are Movin'" continues the funky sound that Trainor made popular with "All About That Bass." In this single, however, she uses it to deliver a well-sung smackdown. It's no surprise that this song was almost as successful as her smash hit; the two sound more than a little alike. But that's in all the best ways, because she's clearly found what works for her.

1. "All About That Bass"

Did you really think this wouldn't be number one? It wasn't just Trainor's biggest hit, but it was a worldwide sensation. No one could get away from this song once it came out. It was top of the charts in seven countries and certified a whopping nine times Platinum by the RIAA. That's because she found a perfect way to mix modern and retro pop, and went for it with gusto - the approach that's Meghan Trainor in a nutshell.

These ten songs are just the best of Trainor's career so far. She recently dropped the video for her newest single "No," and judging from that she has a long career ahead of her. Trainor will also be part of this year's Wango Tango put on by radio station KIIS-FM on May 24. Tickets to that event are on sale now at AXS. Fans can keep up with the latest news and information on Meghan Trainor at AXS.