The top 10 best Mercyme songs

Christian group MercyMe have released some of the most powerful Christian music over the past few years that was able to crossover to the adult contemporary stations. Founded in Greenville, Texas, the band released six independent albums prior to signing a recording contract in 2001. MercyMe is comprised of vocalist Bart Millard, keyboardist James Bryson, percussionist Robby Shaffer, bassist Nathan Cochran and guitarists Michael Scheuchzer and Barry Graul. With great worship songs in their collection it can be difficult to pick out the ten best, but here are ten of the best songs by MercyMe.

10. "You Reign"

A worship song co-written by Millard, Graul and Steven Curtis Chapman that is a great proclamation that Jesus reigns over everything. From their fifth studio album, All That Is Within Me, the song has a powerful chorus declaring the strong message to listeners. With a introduction that builds in strings to the band entering makes it a wonderful and intriguing listen.

9. "Joseph's Lullaby"

From the band's 2005 Christmas album, this beautiful song takes the perspective of Joseph on the upcoming birth of Jesus and how Joseph is there to support his wife Mary as she gives birth to God's son. Joseph looks a the child knowing that God has something bigger in store for the child. In the song Joseph sings a lullaby to the newborn child.

8. "All Of Creation"

Reflecting on how all of creation is created by God and spreading the good news of the Lord. The song also reassures the believers that once we are in Heaven we will see Him face-to-face. Praising and Singing His glory and let others know of your beliefs since He will take away your burdens.

6. "The Hurt & The Healer"

Taken from life events of the band, this song was featured on their 2012 album of the same name. The song helped the band to work through their grief on the loss of Millard's firefighter cousin who was killed in the line of duty in 2011. Processing grief and loss, this song shows that believers still question reasons for difficult times in their lives but remain strong in their faith.

5. "Finally Home"

Written in memory of lead singer Bart Millard's father, the singer endured the death of his father during his freshman year of college. The song was written by Millard with Graul and Scheuchzer. The song was from MercyMe's 2007 album All That Is Within Me and reached the top of the Christian charts. With beautiful harmonies and fabulous images of heaven, this song is high on the list of the band's great songs.

4. "Bring the Rain"

The song looks at the strength of the Lord and how no matter what His believers face, they stand true to His word. The Lord is my shelter and allows the listener to know that even if there are dark days and tough days filled with heartbreak and pain, the Lord will bring us through it.

3. "Shake"

This upbeat tune brings the feel of dance to the rhythm which is a little different for the band in their new music. Written by MercyMe, David Garcia, Ben Glover, and Solomon Olds; this song just makes someone want to get up and dance along.

2. "Word of God Speak"

The song was written by Millard and Pete Kipley, the lyrics simply remind us that prayer and worship are not always a speech that is planned in advance. Sometime prayers are made up on the spot in that time of need when a person needs answers.

1. "I Can Only Imagine"

A powerful tune that crossed over from the Christian charts to the Adult Contemporary radio stations and was able to touch hearts of those that may not know Jesus. The images of what it may be like when we enter Heaven and see Him and questioning what we will do in that moment is the focus of this song. The personal song is based on lead singer's Millard's father's early death.

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