The top 10 best Ne-Yo songs

Ne-Yo was one of the leaders of the Neo-Soul movement in R&B in the early ‘2000s. Born in Arkansas, Ne-Yo was first part of the group Envy before they disbanded in 2000. That was a turning point for the young singer, who would go on to have a prosperous singing career, one that is still going to this very day. So in our continuation of counting down the Top 10 biggest songs by music’s largest acts, here are Ne-Yo’s top 10 songs of all-time.

10. “Closer

Before she was known as the singer who pinned the mammoth “Hello,” Adele teamed up with Ne-Yo to craft the love ballad “Closer.” The track is steeped in the traditional neo-soul sound that Ne-Yo helped make famous, and it’s a single that you won’t stop listening to.

9. “Single

Collaborating with Slim Thug, Ne-Yo created one of the best ballads of 2009 in “Single.” When you’re listening to this track, it will make you wonder why Ne-Yo isn’t up in the same class as R-Kelley, because the guy can really sing and, like Kelley, can make some epic slow jams such as this one.

8. “Go on Girl

This sensual track is one that will forever be etched in the minds of Ne-Yo fans. “Go on Girl” is one the singer’s best tracks, and the sensuality of “Go On Girl” is what elevates this track to one of his best.

7. “Can We Chill?

All we want to do is chill with the love of our lives. Or, if you’re single, try to find someone you can chill with. So with that in mind, “Can We Chill?” is a song that a lot of people can relate to, and lyrical wise, this single is one of Ne-Yo’s best tracks.

6. “Do You

When Ne-Yo is on his game he can be one of R&B’s best singers. As with all artists, he has had a few duds in his career, but “Do You” isn’t one of them. The track is a mid-tempo affair that has that classic Ne-Yo touch to it, which is why “Do You” is one of the singer’s biggest hits.

5. “Mad

We have all be in the situation when our lover is mad at us, and Ne-Yo illustrated this to perfection in “Mad.” The lyrics said it all in that there will be problems in relationships, but it will be worth each other’s wild to work things out and not go to bed mad.

4. “Because of You

Now we’re getting into the best part of Ne-Yo’s Top 10 of all-time and it lands us at the nice tempo “Because of You.” Ne-Yo wasn’t all about ballads, and he proved with this fine single that he could put a track that you can dance to on the charts as well.

3. “Sexy Love

The opening to this track just makes you fall in love with the singer behind it. Ne-Yo really hit “Sexy Love” out of the ballpark as his trademark sexy lyrics and smooth rhythm really carries this classic. If “Sexy Love is not among your Ne-Yo playlist, add it ASAP.


This was a track that got Ne-Yo off the ground. It’s kind of a shock that a singer that became known for his ballads had his first hit as a dance track. But that’s exactly how things played out with “Stay,” and it’s a track that still sound’s fresh 10 years after its initial release.

1. “So Sick

Out of the many ballads that Ne-Yo has created, “So Sick” is his Magnum Opus. The soulful lyrics and rhythm are one that will stick with R&B fans forever, and to this day, “So Sick” reigns as one of the neo-soul’s best ballads ever.

Contrary to popular belief, Ne-Yo is still making burning neo-soul today, and it is music that should be appreciated by those who love R&B and beyond.