The top 10 best Old Dominion songs

New country group Old Dominion recently claimed the Best New Group or Duo at the Academy of Country Music Awards and are on their way to etching a major role in country music. The band consists of Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung, and Brad Tursi. The band has written hit songs for country artists, including Chris Young, The Band Perry, and Tyler Farr, and recently began releasing their own music. Their song "Break Up with Him" hit the top of the country charts but these gentlemen have been writing music for years. Here are the top ten songs by the band to date.

10. "Down Home Boys"

This song looks at the boys in the south and the teen years with the fake IDs and attitudes they had. A great summer tune about teens and parties from years ago. The band looks at the fun they had during the carefree days of youth.

9. "Crazy As It Is"

The ups and downs of a relationship no matter how crazy as it is the couple makes sense. He looks at how much of a fool he would be to walk away from it so they make it work. The song has not been released on any album yet, but is well-written and a great love song.

8. "Said Nobody"

Looking at various events that people have in their life and relationships and that nobody would ever say no to these events. A fun relationship song he tells his love interest he will never grow tired of her the same way he'll never get bored by a sunset. Ramsey sings of all the things that bore him in life and then adds the catchphrase "Said nobody ever" to flip the song into an ode to his greatest pleasures.

7. "Wake Up Loving You"

A 2013 hit for country singer Craig Morgan and written by Josh Osborne and band members Ramsey and Rosen. The song looks at a man who has parted from his lover but is unable to forget her despite his actions. The band has often performed the song live in concert and is a big hit.

6. "Wrong Turns"

The sexy song about how the narrator thinks he is making all the wrong turns in this hook-up which are actually turning into the right turns. From the painting of a vague country scene, the song focuses on the hook-up for the night. "Something about the sound of the gravel setting the mood / Is got me thinking I should park this thing underneath the moon."

5. "Shut Me Up"

Heavy drum beats and tight lyrics bring this great song to the list. The narrator encourages the female to give him kisses instead of allowing him to talk nonstop.

4. "Dirt on the Road"

With a bit of rap and a country twang, this single rocks and rolls with some common phrases "drive it like we stole it." The band pushes some boundaries of the new country music movement of hick hop.

3. "Nowhere Fast"

This coming-of-age single has a great recognizable introduction that open doors for them to hit the mainstream. Some call this song genre-bending, allowing the group to become enticing to even non-country music lovers.

2. "Beer Can in a Truck Bed"

The song has an infectious clapping that makes anyone want to clap along to this fun song. Written by Matt Jenkins, Ramsey, and Rosen, the song's lyrics play on a relationship. "I need a cold drink cause you're a hot mess / Let the night do what it does best / Shake me up and baby turn me loose / I just wanna roll around with you / Like a beer can in a truck bed"

1. "Break Up With Him"

The band's first number one hit country single tells the tale of a guy wanting the girl he likes to break up with her boyfriend. The guy sees that the boyfriend is no good for the girl and the girl has also come to an end of the relationship.

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