The top 10 Chris Young songs of all time

Country music artist Chris Young has been climbing the charts with every new single recently. If you are a fan of Chris, you know that he has some amazing music out there that has hit #1 on the charts and also some that only his true fans have really heard. Here are the top 10 Chris Young songs of all time.

10. "She's Got This Thing About Her"

This love song is one that will make you want to close your eyes and just listen to Chris and his amazing voice. It is about the true love for a woman. There is just something about this woman that makes him love her so much but he can't explain it.

9. "Beer or Gasoline"

Anyone who has been broke understands how hard it is to decide if you should get "Beer or Gasoline." Even though Chris did not write this song it is a perfect fit for his voice. "It's a tough old choice to make if you know what I mean. It's either beer or gasoline."

8. "Drinking Me Lonely"

Chris Young got his start on the show "Nashville Star" by performing this song on original song night. He did a great job with it and his fans fell in love. To this day, fans still ask him to perform it at shows.

7. "Lonely Eyes"

This is Chris Young's newest release. It is climbing the charts fast and fans can't get enough. Just recently Chris got the chance to perform this song for his first appearance on "Letterman."

6. "Neon"

A lot of Chris Young's fans would say that this is their favorite song. His favorite color is "Neon" as he talks about the lights at a bar late at night. This was the title track off of his album.

5. "Text Me Texas"

Even though this song has not been on radios "Text Me Texas" is one of the best songs Chris Young has ever done. All that he wants is a simple text from his girl. They aren't together but he just wants one text before she turns off her phone for the night.

4. "Voices"

This song is all about the amazing influences that Chris has in his life. In the video for this song, Chris used his real family for the video. At the time his sister was deployed and couldn't be there so he made sure that a picture of her was in the video so she could be included.

3. "Your Gonna Love Me"

Every woman wants a real man who won't be out cheating on her. In this song Chris Young describes that he is the perfect man if you are looking for someone who will be good to you.

2. "Tomorrow"

Every single person that has been through a split knows what it is like to just want one last time with that person. You just let it all go and forget the regrets. "Tomorrow" talks about how you know you aren't good for the person but you spend one last night together anyway. This song hit #1 for Chris on the Billboard Country charts.

1. "Gettin' You Home"

This song is also known as "The Black Dress Song." Chris Young revealed that this song only took about 45 minutes to write, but it is now the song that he is known for by a lot of fans. This song hit #1 on the country Billboard charts.