The top five Eurythmics songs of all time

You can’t have a discussion about the history of new wave without mentioning the Eurythmics.

Formed in 1980 after Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart split from The Tourist, Eurythmics would go on to have one of the longest careers in new wave, landing hits during and after the subgenre's death in 1984. We’ll go more in-depth on the history of this band in another piece, but now, here are the top five Eurythmics songs of all-time.

5. “When Tomorrow Comes”

When new wave died in 1984, in claimed a lot of Eurythmics competition. To the band’s everlasting credit, they had the pop sensibilities to switch up their sound at the right time to stay relevant, and “When Tomorrow Comes” is a testament to the band’s ever-evolving sound.

4. “Would I Lie to You?”

Before Annie Lennox became a solo force, she was part of the Eurythmics, one of new wave’s most well-known bands. They were also one of the rare new wave acts to have success after the sub-genre died out in 1984, and “Would I Lie to You?” was one of their post-new wave hits, going to number five on the Hot 100 and going Gold in Canada.

3. “Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)”

Believe it or not, this song is one of the Eurythmics least known hits. Made for the 1984 film based off of George Orwell’s best-selling novel, “Sexcrime” is new wave to the core, and although it’s a bit outdated, this is still one of the band’s best singles.

2. “Love is a Stranger”

Quick trivia question: What was the first single released from Eurythmics second LP, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)? If you guessed “Love is a Stranger,” then you may be a diehard Eurythmics fan. “Love is a Stranger” would fail to chart in its initial run, but when it was reissued following the out-of-the-box smash as the title song, it shot to near the Top 20 of the Hot 100. It shouldn’t have been ignored the first time as the single is ahead of its time, and it’s a song that shouldn’t be left out of anyone’s Eurythmics playlist.

1. “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”

Everyone who enjoys ‘80s music has this booming single in their playlist. The simple nature of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” is simply sublime, which made it not only one of the biggest hits of new wave, but in the history of music. Simply put, this single is a classic.