The Voice season 12 episode 2 recap and performances

Season 12 of NBC's "The Voice" continued on a shortened schedule on Tuesday night, and the list of highlights was shorter as a result. With NBC News' coverage of the Presidential address to Congress forcing Episode 2 to be only half its usual two-hour runtime, audiences were treated to just six blind auditions and all but one of them was successful. Here are our takeaways from the condensed episode:

1. Autumn Turner is an artist to watch

The sole four-chair audition on Tuesday went to 25-year-old Autumn Turner. You can watch her cover of "Last Dance" above. Fans of "The Voice" have heard a lot of singers who can belt huge notes (see: Season 2's Kim Yarbrough and Season 5's Tessanne Chin, to name but two). But the combination of Autumn's vocal ability with her new coach Alicia Keys seems like a perfect match. Alicia is in the same musical space and should be able to pick out the right songs for Autumn, and one needs only to look down the row at Gwen Stefani to understand how key song choice can be. Look for Autumn and Alicia to make sweet music this season.

2. Where are all the guys at?

Thirteen artists have successfully auditioned for Season 12 so far. Only four of them are men. Jesse Larson was the only male contestant to make the Top 48 on Tuesday as he defaulted to Adam Levine's team after his cover of "Jealous Guy." There tend to be quite a few female contestants in singing competitions (there are a lot of people wanting to be the next Stefani or Christina Aguilera), but this season so far is clearly tilted toward the ladies. The fact that the blind auditions are edited in a different order than they're presented might also have something to do with it. Yet we could definitely use some more guys to even things out in the next five blind audition episodes.

3. Katy Perry's "Unconditionally" still holds up well

Fans know there are only so many songs to go around on "The Voice" so every season there's a handful of moments where someone chooses something that's already been done at least once. Savannah Leighton sung "Unconditionally" to earn herself a spot on Team Gwen. But speaking of Tessanne Chin, it's hard not to compare Leighton's performance to the time Chin covered it in Season 5 on her way to winning the title for Team Adam. Or even how Jencarlos Canela just covered it for Fox's "The Passion" last year. Duplication is unavoidable as singers are looking for the songs they know and that will get them a chair turn, but every season it gets tougher and tougher to make one cover stand out from the rest.

"The Voice" continues on a special night Thursday at 8 p.m. on NBC.