The Voice season 12 episode 21 recap and performances

NBC's "The Voice" moved into its Top 11 round on Monday, with the remaining 11 contestants from Season 12 once again taking the stage at Universal Studios Hollywood hoping to gain enough votes from America to avoid the next elimination. With coaches Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani looking on, the singers delivered their next performances and gave music fans plenty to discuss. Here's what we took away from Monday's "Top 11 Performances" episode:

1) YouTube is more important than you think

NBC normally uploads each of the artists' performances to their YouTube channel for "The Voice" not long after the East Coast airing of the show. Yet as of 1 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday morning, not a single video had been uploaded. We're not sure why the performances were absent from YouTube but the lack of them did drive home how YouTube is an important part of "The Voice." It allows audiences to go back and re-watch performances to get a second or even third listen before they vote. Or if someone misses the episode on TV, or gets distracted during a performance, it's there online for fans to catch up. Hopefully the videos will be back on YouTube for Tuesday's episode.

2) Is Team Alicia being positioned for a win?

There's been an ongoing discussion amongst "The Voice" fans about whether or not certain teams or contestants get favored spots in the performance order. On Monday night, Team Alicia certainly had all the prime real estate. Stephanie Rice was the first artist to perform, while Vanessa Ferguson got the middle spot at number six and Chris Blue was the final person to sing for America. (You can see the complete performance order here.) The last spot is definitely a good one to have, as that means you're the last artist that America hears before they run off to vote and/or download a song on iTunes. But to get that, and the spot that kicks off the show, is the best possible draw that Team Alicia could ask for.

3) Could Mark Isaiah be in trouble again?

Team Adam's Mark Isaiah entered Monday night's show already on the rocks, as he was the recipient of the Twitter Instant Save last Tuesday. That means he was already not getting enough of America's votes or he wouldn't have needed to be saved. But Isaiah made a curious choice on Monday when he decided to cover "How To Love" for his Top 11 performance . That song was definitively covered by Christina Grimmie during her run to the finals in Season 6. Not only did she create a superlative version of the song, but for him to do it the week after Grimmie was publicly celebrated on "The Voice" was unintentionally awkward timing. Grimmie's back in the minds of every "Voice" fan, so many of them likely compared her version of "How To Love" to Isaiah's version, and there's no contest between the two. He may be needing another Instant Save on Tuesday.

"The Voice" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.