The Voice season 12 episode 26 recap and performances

America has chosen the finalists for Season 2 of NBC's "The Voice." The final four artists making it through to next week's finale were revealed on Tuesday night, and with them the fates of their coaches Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Here's who is moving on and what else music fans ought to know from Tuesday's "Live Semifinal Results" episode:

1) Gwen Stefani is eliminated

With the results of the season's last Twitter Instant Save (which you can watch now by using the media player included with this article), Gwen Stefani will be watching the Season 12 finale from the sidelines. Both Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake were eliminated on Tuesday. That means over her three seasons of coaching on "The Voice," Team Gwen has produced just one finalist: Season 9's fourth place finisher Jeffery Austin. It'll be at least two seasons before she gets another shot, too, as Stefani will not be returning next season.

2) Adam Levine is hanging on

While Stefani is disappointed, Adam Levine can breathe a sigh of relief. His one remaining contestant, Jesse Larson, was the recipient of the Instant Save after a strong performance of "Tennessee Whiskey." That ensures that Levine avoids being shut out of the finals for what would've been just the third time in his "Voice" coaching career. But do he and Larson realistically have anything from the two favored coaches who made their way to the finale easily? If anyone can pull an upset it's the crafty Levine, but he has just a 25 percent chance to win Season 12.

3) It's a Blake Shelton vs. Alicia Keys battle

If NBC had been scripting this season, they couldn't have written a juicier ending. Defending champion Blake Shelton is back in the finale, and still has the majority of artists, as he only lost one to elimination. His performers Aliyah Moulden and Lauren Duski will compete against Larson and Team Alicia's Chris Blue. If Alicia Keys wins, she would be the second female coach to win "The Voice" and also win in her exit season (as NBC has already announced that she will be replaced by Jennifer Hudson for Season 13). Shelton is a fan favorite, but the show also got a lot of buzz from his being upset and a female coach winning in Season 10. So it's the best of both storylines as Shelton and Keys go head to head next week. Whether you're a fan of the artists or the coaches, there's something to follow in "The Voice" finale.

The season finale of "The Voice" begins Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.