The Voice season 13, episode 10 recap and performances

"The Voice" season 13 is halfway over. The NBC singing competition concluded its battle rounds on Tuesday night, meaning that music fans have just the knockout rounds and live playoffs remaining before a new winner is crowned. But before getting there, there were three final battles that aired in this episode to determine who would be the last three contestants in next week's knockouts. Since there were so few performances in Tuesday's episode, here's what fans need to know about each one:

1) Ashland Craft vs. Megan Rose

Who was Blake Shelton's final steal given to? That would be Megan Rose, who lost her Team Miley battle round against Ashland Craft. You can watch the performance that impressed Blake enough to use the one remaining second chance by playing the video above. With Blake's steal of Megan, that made three consecutive steals used on singers from Team Miley, following the two that were handed out in Monday's episode. There are only eight steals available for all four coaches in the battle rounds, so that in turn means Miley Cyrus had almost half the steals used on members of her team.

2) Adam Cunningham vs. Natalie Stovall

This was a battle of two artists who did not have particularly strong blind auditions. Cunningham turned two chairs, while Stovall defaulted to Team Blake as he was the only coach to push his button for her. Since Blake was the only coach with a steal, this became a winner take all battle, as "The Voice" does not allow coaches to use a steal on one of their own artists. Cunningham pulled out the win and automatically eliminated Stovall, but he'll have to take things up another notch if he expects to still represent Team Blake past the knockout rounds.

3) Eric Lyn vs. Ignatious Carmouche

This battle was the swan song for Ignatious Carmouche, who earned his way onto "The Voice" by winning the show's Snapchat online competition. He was defeated by his Team Jennifer colleague Eric Lyn. While it was a valiant effort from Carmouche, it also proves that "The Voice" on Snapchat just isn't that effective, since he didn't survive to the halfway point of the TV competition. These other avenues of finding talent, like social media and even the steals, only have relevance if they actually help the contestant become a contender. It's a shame that didn't happen here. Now audiences will have to wait and see if any of the stolen artists make use of their extra opportunities.

"The Voice" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. You can watch a preview of next week's knockout rounds here. You can also get your tickets to see Adam Levine and Maroon 5 live at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay Events Center on Dec. 30 and Dec. 31 now through AXS.