The Voice season 13, episode 23 recap and performances

Monday's "The Voice" performance show felt like a case of deja vu. Four of the ten songs covered during "Live Top 10 Performances" had been performed in past seasons of NBC's singing competition, leaving the season 13 artists to try and make their mark on them before Tuesday's double elimination. Who succeeded and who may be at risk in the results show? Here's what music fans need to know from Monday's episode:

1) Another trip to the 80's

After her successful Pat Benatar cover last week, Team Blake's Chloe Kohanski continued the theme on Monday's show with "Call Me." On one hand, it might be a risky move to stick with two hard-hitting 80's pop songs in two weeks, and not show more range. On the other hand, maybe she's found her lane because it was another engaging outing. Some "Voice" fans won't be happy to hear it, but Blake Shelton seems to have the current frontrunner to win this season based on Chloe's performances so far. Watch her performance again by playing the video above.

2) Adam Cunningham's risky decision

Adam Cunningham needed to bring out the big guns after being up for elimination twice in the past two weeks. He chose "Maybe It Was Memphis" and that wouldn't be a big deal if it hadn't already been successfully covered on this show by season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery. Bradbery's version of the song remains one of her best outings on "The Voice." There's no way that Cunningham's cover is going to escape comparison to Bradbery's and that's a high bar to meet, let alone surpass. Unless Cunningham can earn another social media save, Adam Levine may be down to his last artist after Tuesday night.

3) Noah Mac takes us back

Props to Team Jennifer's Noah Mac, who tackled "Ordinary World" on Monday. His version of the song wasn't quite as great as the one Ryan Sill performed during "The Voice" season 7. But Noah also didn't have to deal with the audio issues that made Ryan's performance sound entirely different to the TV viewing audience than it did to the crowd watching live at Universal Studios Hollywood - a big difference since it's the TV audience who does most of the voting. Given how Ryan's cover of the song ultimately didn't fare as well as it should've, give credit to Noah for bringing it back to "The Voice" and doing so well. Let's hope he fares better than Ryan did in season 7.

"The Voice" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.