The Voice season 13, episode 4 recap and performances

Tuesday was a slow night on "The Voice." The singing competition's latest episode was only an hour long, but NBC also seemed to use the hour for some of the more under the radar "The Voice" season 13 auditions. Just five artists made it past Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus, and none of them turned all four of the coaches' chairs. Here are the things music fans learned from Tuesday's episode:

1) Sometimes it's still very hard to impress the coaches

None of the six artists who auditioned during Tuesday's episode turned all four chairs. The closest anyone got was three chairs, which happened for both Anthony Alexander and Emily Luther. Coincidentally, both artists also chose to join Team Adam. You can watch Alexander's blind audition by playing the video above and watch Luther's blind audition here. But this was the first episode of "The Voice" season 13 not to feature at least one four-chair turn. That wasn't the only quirky thing about this episode, though.

2) An off night for Jennifer and Blake?

One night after we suggested that Jennifer Hudson needed to be more selective, Tuesday's episode saw her significantly slow her roll. Even though she pushed for half of the people who auditioned, only one of them picked her as their coach. While Stephan Marcellus joined Team Jennifer, it was an even less productive episode for Team Blake. Shelton only pushed his button twice and struck out entirely. Some of this may be due to the order in which NBC edits the blind auditions (as they are not shown in the order in which they're filmed), but it was still different to see the show's two busiest coaches mostly coming up empty. At least that will save them some space for next week's final blind audition episodes!

3) Are we seeing less unsuccessful auditions?

The fundamental point of "The Voice" blind auditions is to keep the audience guessing about whether or not a contestant will make it, and if so, how many coaches' chairs they'll turn. But the show seems to be scaling back the number of failed auditions it shows, which in turn is minimizing the suspense. Five of six artists made it onto "The Voice" in Tuesday's episode. In total, only six of the 37 people who've been shown on TV in season 13 haven't had a button pushed for them (that's 16.2 percent). It's understandable that NBC wouldn't want to spend too much time on people who aren't part of the season, but let's not get to the point where all we have to guess is how many chairs are going to turn. Seeing some people who don't make it, makes it all the more rewarding when we see someone who does.

"The Voice" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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