The Voice season 13, episode 5 recap and performances

Music fans have reached the last week of "The Voice" season 13 blind auditions. Monday's episode was the final two-hour audition episode for the NBC singing competition this season, so Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus were starting to get picky about who they chose for their teams. But who showed up to play and who didn't make the grade? Here's what fans need to know from Monday's episode:

1) There was just one four-chair audition, and it was no surprise

"The Voice" overplayed its hand a bit Monday. Jon Mero turned all four coaches' chairs with his cover of "Versace On The Floor" and closed out the episode on a high note. Or he would have, if his audition hadn't been intentionally leaked by NBC three days earlier. It was an even bigger spoiler because that was the only four-chair turn of the entire episode. So essentially, fans saw the episode's biggest moment well before the installment even aired. Congratulations to Mero for making it onto Team Adam, but it didn't make for the best viewing experience.

2) The show's Snapchat winner made it to the TV show

Fans probably forgot that "The Voice" has been holding auditions on social media platform Snapchat for the past two seasons. It's a semi-spinoff of the show that hasn't really gone anywhere. But that might change now, as the most recent Snapchat winner Ignatious Carmouche earned the right to audition on TV, and turned the chairs of both Jennifer and Blake. He's now a member of Team Jennifer, and he's worth keeping an eye on, if only to see if the show's Snapchat idea can actually produce results, and because he's also got an awesome name.

3) Almost half the artists defaulted to teams

Of the twelve artists who auditioned for "The Voice" during Monday's episode, eleven of them were successful. But the degree of success was a little bit lacking, as five of those eleven only turned one chair. Rebecca Brunner, Katrina Rose, Natalie Stovall, Ryan Scripps and Meagan McNeil only had one coach push their button for them, and three of them ended up in another blind audition montage that you can watch by playing the video above. Between that and "The Voice" spoiling its only four-chair turn of the night, this wound up being a relatively unsurprising episode. So what will Tuesday's final auditions bring?

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