The Voice season 13, episode 6 recap and performances

Blind auditions for "The Voice" season 13 ended Tuesday, with the NBC singing competition finding its last five contestants for the fall cycle. Yet as Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus filled their teams, music fans might have felt like there was something missing. Here's what fans need to know from Tuesday's final "The Voice" blind auditions of the season:

1) Covering a coach's song is still happening

The first time someone covered a coach's song on "The Voice" (that'd be Nakia in season one), it was bold and fun. Since then, though, the novelty has worn off and it's become a quick way for the contestants to get attention. Tuesday's episode proved that the trend of covering coaches' songs is still a thing, as Michael Kight covered "Sugar" in front of Adam Levine, and earned himself a place on Team Adam because of it. You can watch his performance by playing the video above and see what you think of it. Not to take anything away from Kight's performance, but it would probably do the show as a whole good to put covers of coaches' music to rest for a while, just because it happens at least once a season.

2) Miley Cyrus really believes in girl power

Miley Cyrus made "Voice" history on Tuesday night when she selected Megan Rose as the final member of Team Miley. That meant she hadn't picked a single male artist for her team, and that's the first time ever that a team has been made up of entirely one gender. There have been teams that lean heavily toward one genre, like Blake Shelton picking up a lot of country artists, but there's never been a solely female (or solely male) team before. It will be interesting to find out if perhaps that works in her favor. Maybe she will be able to work better with female artists, in the same way that Blake discovered a knack for working with younger artists. Fans will have to watch and see how Team Miley develops.

3) The two most active coaches filled their teams first

No surprise here, but the two coaches who were pushing their buttons more often were the first two to fill up their rosters on Tuesday. Blake Shelton closed his lineup with the very first artist, Kristi Hoopes, while Jennifer Hudson followed two auditions later when she picked up Jeremiah Miller. Will filling up their teams first have an effect on them later down the line? Not necessarily, as Hoopes was the only artist to turn more than two chairs on Tuesday, and because there are steals in the battle rounds and in the knockout rounds that will shuffle these lineups anyway. But keep your eye on Blake and Jennifer when it comes to those steals, because the blind auditions have proven that they won't hesitate to hit their buttons early and often.

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