The Voice season 13, episode 8 recap and performances

Fans expecting surprises from Tuesday's episode of "The Voice" season 13 may have been surprised by how there weren't any. The NBC singing competition played things by the numbers in the second "The Voice" battle rounds episode, with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus sending more contestants home. Here's what music fans need to know from Tuesday's episode:

1) The battle montage

No one missed anything in Tuesday's episode of "The Voice." It's that a large portion of the competition was edited down. Three of the six battles (which means half of them) were chopped down into a minute-long montage. To put that into perspective, the shortest full battle round in the episode was two minutes and 45 seconds. So fans didn't get a chance to see much of what turned out to be the final performances for Team Adam's Dave Crosby, Team Blake's Rebecca Brunner, and Team Miley's Ilianna Viramontes. You can watch the montage by playing the video above, but perhaps NBC could consider putting the full battle rounds on the show's YouTube channel for fans who want to catch more than a few seconds.

2) The one steal

The coaches were particularly stingy with their steals in this episode. Of the six battles, only one of them resulted in a steal and only one coach pushed their button for that steal. Adam Levine stole Team Blake's Dennis Drummond after Drummond lost his battle to Mitchell Lee. It's Adam's first steal of season 13 and unsurprisingly, the show saved it for the end of the episode. Remember that Levine and Maroon 5 are performing at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay Events Center this New Year's Eve; you can get tickets now at AXS.

3) The eliminations

Fans who have done the math above will have figured out that almost every battle led to an elimination on Tuesday. Aside from the contestants included in the montage, "The Voice" season 13 also eliminated Team Miley's Maharasyi after she lost her battle to Davon Fleming. Heading into next week, which is also the final week of season 13 battle rounds, all four coaches have one steal remaining. Especially since the coaches are required to use them, will anyone save theirs for the last minute, increasing the chance they could get their dream artist but also potentially forcing them to steal an artist they didn't want? That will be something fans should keep an eye on.

"The Voice" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. For more on any of "The Voice" season 13 coaches, including when and where you can see them perform live, click their names at the top of this article to visit their artist pages at AXS.